Who is Tyree Jackson's girlfriend? Eagles star has known Cailin Regan since his university days

While Jackson may be social media shy, his girlfriend isn't and she has uploaded several snaps with the Eagles TE indicating a strong romance

                            Who is Tyree Jackson's girlfriend? Eagles star has known Cailin Regan since his university days
Tyree Jackson and his girlfriend Cailin Regan (@cailinregan/Instagram)

Twitter users can't seem to get enough of Tyree Jackson of late. On August 12, the Philadelphia Eagles player began trending on Twitter for his performance against the Steelers, shocking users with his transition to a TE. Fans have called for him to make the Eagles roster, while the Internet has exploded with searches for Jackson following his stunning performance. In honor of that, we'd like to put the spotlight on the young star and talk about his relationship.

We love to cover relationships here at MEAWW. We've dived deep to bring you all the juicy information about upcoming, and the big NFL stars in the past. In August, we told you about rookie quarterback Zach Wilson, and his girlfriend Abbey Gile. We also managed to uncover the low-key relationship between LA Chargers' Justin Herbert and Taylor Bisciotti. We also recently revealed the heartwarming story of Russell Wilson and how he met his wife Ciara after a tragic divorce.


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Now it's time to turn to Jackson. The QB-turned-TE is turning heads not just for his transition, but also for how easy he has made it look. Rising to fame from the University of Buffalo, Jackson played QB most of his professional life. Then in November, he switched positions, a rare, but not unheard of story. The result is easy for you to see. But with all this focus on his professional life, there's another interesting story you should know. It involves his personal life and especially his girlfriend.



Who is Tyree Jackson's girlfriend?

We've managed to identify the girl as football player Cailin Regan. It's unclear when or how the two met since they are keeping their relationship pretty low-key. Jackson hasn't featured Regan on his Instagram, but he's very much present in hers. The first time Jackson appears on Regan's Instagram is in August 2017, so it seems their relationship has been going on for a while now. Jackson also graduated from the University of Buffalo, where Regan studied, so it is likely that's where the two met. 

If you want to know about Regan though, we've got some more details for you. She's a promising young soccer player from Akron, New York. She was born in September 1997 and has one brother (Coy) and a sister (Leah). During her high school years, she was reportedly "a highly touted midfielder." Regan attended three US Soccer Training events and made the varsity squad in eighth grade. In the five seasons since with Akron, she was named All-State three times and led her squad to a pair of league and Class B championships. 



In 2015, Regan played her freshmen season at Western Kentucky, before moving to the University of Buffalo. It's unclear what she studied as she hasn't clarified on her social media profiles. According to her UB Bulls profile, Regan enjoys watching basketball and football and listening to country music. It's unclear what she has done since graduation, she doesn't have a place of work listed and she doesn't appear to feature in the National Women's Soccer League. However, she frequently posts photos with Jackson by her side, so we do know all is well with the two.

Unfortunately, that's all we could find out about Regan. She doesn't appear to have a LinkedIn profile, so we couldn't confirm if she decided to pursue her promising soccer career or has changed tracks entirely. While her professional life may be a bit of a mystery, we can say for sure she has a great relationship with Jackson. Take a look at a few other snaps of the two from her Instagram.