Tucker Carlson DEFENDS CNN's Chris Cuomo, says 'loyalty to family above all else'

'Loyalty should be to your family above all else,' he said explaining Chris had the right to support and advise his embattled brother

                            Tucker Carlson DEFENDS CNN's Chris Cuomo, says 'loyalty to family above all else'
Tucker Carlson defended CNN's Chris Cuomo for keeping mum about Andrew Cuomo's situation (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/ Theo Wargo/Getty Images)

Speaking of surprising friendships and bonds, it appears as there exists one between Fox News host Tucker Carlson and Chris Cuomo. Andrew Cuomo's brother has taken the week off to celebrate his birthday alongside his family. Carlson and Chris haven't seen eye to eye over many things in the past, however, the former did take his CNN rival's side on Monday, August 9, night. Carlson suggested the vacation was due to Chris's brother's controversy and him serving as an informal adviser to the troubled governor shouldn't be subject to scrutiny. 

In June, Chris went in hard against Fox News asking why they don't warn viewers to not take Carlson seriously. He was outraged after Carlson claimed FBI operatives organized the Insurrection. Chris also pointed to a defamation suit involving Carlson that Fox won after arguing no reasonable person would take it seriously. “He is getting something wrong and he probably knows it is. Here's what should bother you. His employer said in open court that he is not to be taken seriously. Do they put that on that screen when he is putting out that BS? No,” Cuomo said. “Why aren't they telling you, ‘Don't take this man as truthful? Because we said in open court, he is not to be believed by reasonable people.’ They said it," he added. 


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Tucker Carlson sides with Chris Cuomo

"Loyalty should be to your family above all else," Carlson said explaining he is all for Chris Cuomo not choosing to address his brother's sexual harassment report and the criminal complaints. Carlson told viewers he was going to "take time to defend the chief bodybuilding correspondent at CNN." Carlson didn't show the same love to Chris's network and other colleagues. He poked fun at chief media correspondent Brian Stelter for reporting the vacation in the Hamptons was a scheduled one. 

“This is CNN’s position. Whenever one of our anchors takes a vacation, it’s real. If you work at Fox News, all vacations are Potemkin vacations,” he said before sharing a clip of CNN's Don Lemon suggesting that one of Chris's vacations was due to controversy. Carlson went on to explain that Chris shouldn't be judged for Andrew's misdoings saying, "One, you’re not responsible for the misbehavior of your relatives. Sorry. You didn’t choose them. You’re not responsible for anybody else’s misbehavior. Only your own.”

Carlson noted Chris compromised his reputation to help and to stand by his family and said everyone needs to realize it is "understandable". The Fox News host said “It’s his brother,” the Fox star exclaimed. “Your loyalty should be to your family above all else. Not joking at all. Maybe even above your job. Maybe even above Jeff Zucker. If your brother calls and says, ‘I need help,’ if you don’t give him help because you’re pretending to be an anchor on some stupid cable channel that nobody watches, you’re betraying your brother. And that’s a greater sin than any of the dumb politics they espouse on that channel. Totally true. So we’re not going to criticize him for that.”

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