Fox News’ double standards: Employees quietly use vaccine passports despite attacking it on air

As Fox anchors continue to slam and shame vaccines and passport systems, it has been revealed the company has an internal system to prevent Covid-19

                            Fox News’ double standards: Employees quietly use vaccine passports despite attacking it on air
Advertisements featuring Fox News personalities adorn the front of the News Corporation building on March 13, 2019, in New York City (Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

From Tucker Carlson to Laura Ingraham, Fox News anchors have gone to war against Covid-19 vaccines and the idea of "vaccine passports". Ideas for such passports have only been floated, but Fox has spent considerable time battling them as "un-American" and a threat to freedom. Ironically, it appears that the company runs its own internal passport system for employees, which while not mandatory still underlines the double standards at Fox. 

This isn't the first time Fox's double standards or indeed that of the Republican Party has become a news story. Back in March, we reported on the possibility of Tucker Carlson getting his vaccine, while actively spewing doubt and misinformation on air. On March 1, it was revealed Donald Trump and Melania were secretly vaccinated at the White House in January, while the former president wasn't doing all he could to promote vaccinations. On March 17, it was revealed employees of Trump Tower in Chicago got vaxxed, even though they weren't eligible at the time. 


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These stories underline the vast gap between what conservatives publicly say and do in private. Fox News, in particular, has constantly been slammed on social media for promoting anti-vaxxers and conspiracy theories hindering vaccination rates. Yet, when it comes to their own staff, it appears Covid-19 isn't a "hoax" or "fake news", instead it is something to be feared.

Tucker Carlson speaks about vaccine passports during 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' on Fox News. (YouTube)

Scaremongering on-air, quiet changes off-air

The vaccine passport system at Fox was revealed by political action committee (PAC) Meidas Touch, known for their anti-GOP videos. On July 19, the PAC put out a tweet: "Fox News has put in place a vaccine passport system for their employees. Pass it on." The tweet also had an image of a notice allegedly from Fox, informing an employee he/she no longer needed to complete a daily screening.  


The image was obtained from The Hill, whose TV show 'Rising' on July 19 morning revealed that Fox was indeed running a vaccine passport system. The note was sent to the show's anchor Ryan Grim by an employee. "This is part of a system that gives workers what's called a Fox Clearpass," Grim said. On June 22, Fox's HR team sent out an email saying vaccines weren't mandatory, but those that were unvaxxed would need to mask up, and practice social distancing, he further revealed. 

To further underscore the irony of the revelation, The Hill played clips from Fox where Carlson and Ingraham were slamming Covid-19 rules about wearing masks and passport systems. "if Fox corporate thinks the risks of the vaccine outweigh the benefits, their news side is free to share that opinion. But to behave one way, and urge your viewers to behave a different way betrays an unholy contempt that is unforgivable," Grim added.

The presence of a system was further confirmed by a CNN report on July 19. Fox employees revealed to CNN the same email, which said Fox had "developed a secure, voluntary way for employees to self-attest their vaccination status." The system appears to be in preparation by Fox corporation for a full return to work. The company is reportedly planning to open all its offices fully by Labour Day. 

Armando Bravo receives a COVID-19 vaccine from a healthcare worker at a drive-thru site at Tropical Park on January 13, 2021, in Miami, Florida. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

'Resent this hypocrisy'

News of Fox's vaccine passport system was quick to take over Twitter, thanks to Meidas Touch. "I really resent this hypocrisy, while their playing with their audiences lives! It's disgusting! Fox has quietly implemented its own version of a vaccine passport while its top personalities attack them," one person tweeted. Another said, "And Fox now requires employees to have a vaccine passport at work while their talkers are calling it “Jim Crow” to have one Can’t even make it up anymore. Don’t have to - the truth is too good."



"That so many Americans trust this company with their lives is truly an indictment of how bad America’s education system really is," one person commented. Another said, "And all of these people have received the vaccine and have to show a vaccine passport before entering Fox premises. What a con, but they learned from the best."



One person tweeted, "Fox News has put a vaccine passport system in place for its employees. Apparently not getting vaxxed is only for the rubes who watch Fox News, not those who work there."


As expected, Fox did not comment when The Hill and CNN reached out. Social media fury at the blatant double standards is not likely to die down soon, but don't expect Fox to address it. From sexual harassment to voting by mail, conservatives and Fox itself have been embroiled in numerous activities, which they have publicly rallied against.