Where is Chris Cuomo? CNN anchor lives it up with Don Lemon as brother faces epic battle

Where is Chris Cuomo? CNN anchor lives it up with Don Lemon as brother faces epic battle
Chris Cuomo (R) seen here with brother Andrew Cuomo, Right - Don Lemon (Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival, Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for WarnerMedia)

While New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces mounting pressure for resignation, his brother Chris Cuomo has reportedly headed for a week-long vacation. The CNN anchor, who turns 51 on August 9, 2021, is apparently enjoying a birthday sojourn in the Hamptons with his family. He is also joined by his podcast co-host Don Lemon and his partner Tim Malone. Meanwhile, Andrew Cuomo refuses to step down as the governor, even after it was proved that he sexually harassed several women. 

Chris Cuomo has remained unusually silent about his brother's sexual harassment scandal, continuing to highlight COVID-19 vaccinations or Britney Spears' conservatorship on air. He drew considerable flak for not calling out Andrew Cuomo on his show 'Cuomo Prime Time', despite the allegations doing rounds for months. In fact, the bombshell investigation report by Attorney General Letitia James discovered Chris Cuomo's involvement in advising his brother on how to respond to the sexual harassment allegations. 


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Chris Cuomo, who is married to Cristina Greeven Cuomo and shares three children with her, owns a lavish home in the Hamptons. Designed by architect Stephen Rossetti and decorated by Emma Pilkington, the cedar-shingled Cuomo family home is rooted in elegance. He spends time quite often at the Hamptons, especially during his birthday week every year. 

Speaking about his pre-scheduled vacation, Chris Cuomo recently said, "Every year I take my birthday week off. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll be fishing, I’ll be hanging out with you and I’ll be making memories with the kids." He further added, "I’ll be right here at home because I don’t know why I’d go anywhere else than the East End of Long Island during the summer. It’s the most beautiful place in the world."

The CNN anchor was affected by COVID-19 in March this year and spent his time in the Hamptons home isolating from others. While he is away on vacation, his prime-time show will be temporarily hosted by Michael Smerconish. 

The James report on Andrew Cuomo explicitly mentioned how Chris Cuomo helped craft his brother's official responses to the allegations by different women. He was also privy to the advisory mails exchanged about the situation between Cuomo and his aides.

Ironically, the next meeting on Andrew Cuomo's sexual harassment is scheduled for August 9, which coincides with Chris Cuomo's birthday. In May, the award-winning journalist apologized on-air for his alleged role in his advising his brother but denied influencing CNN's coverage on the matter. However, it now appears that Chris Cuomo is unwilling to meddle any further in Andrew Cuomo's scandal, and choosing to stay away from the limelight at such a crucial juncture. 

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