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Travis Scott teases ‘Dystopia’ with ‘Escape Plan’ and ‘Mafia’, singles slammed as 'mid'

Travis Scott shared in October that he will be dropping his mixtape ‘Dystopia’ before finally putting out full-length album ‘Utopia’
Travis Scott has released two brand new singles (Photo by Instagram@travisscott)
Travis Scott has released two brand new singles (Photo by Instagram@travisscott)

Travis Scott, who is all geared up for the new edition of his Astroworld Festival, dropped two brand new singles on Friday, November 5, before the release of his mixtape ‘Dystopia’ and his fourth studio album ‘Utopia’. The ‘Antidote’ hitmaker’s new singles have been titled ‘Escape Plan’ and ‘Mafia’. In 'Mafia', the award-winning hip-hop artist has tapped J Cole for a catchy chorus that has left their fans impressed.
Scott had teased ‘Escape Plan’ a few months ago via a Spotify ad. However, the entire song was previewed during Travis' Cactus Jack Dior Summer 2022 Fashion Show a day later. The 30-year-old rap icon in October had shared that he will be dropping his mixtape ‘Dystopia’ before he finally puts out his full-length studio effort ‘Utopia.’ Travis has been teasing the latter for more than a year now which has time and again irked his fans. Speaking of the latest singles, the acclaimed rapper had announced the big news on his Twitter and Instagram accounts respectively.
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Travis Scott treats fans with two new singles

Travis Scott’s ‘Escape Plan’ has been produced by Nik D and OZ, whereas ‘Mafia’ featuring J Cole has been taken care of by producer Boi-1da. On the first one, Travis raps, “That wap need draining, just have it if you singing, okay/F**k that Birkin, she just need some еncouragement," he raps, continuing with, "a run-on flow/ Fix that attitude, shе think she need a surgeon, okay/And show some gratitude, I put you in that altitude, okay/They stunt like Mannis do, I put you in that magnitude, oh, hey/I embrace the pu**y, I'm not tryna embarrass you."

On ‘Mafia’, Travis brags about his record label Cactus Jack and the moves he has been making over the last few years. He spits, “Custom the things, custom the wings/I had to custom the vibe, custom the lean.” Travis in auto-tune raps, “Cover the back of the lobby, front cover magazine/Cover your eyes, cuddle up back of the V (Yeah)/Our chemistry, just like the trappers and fiends (Ooh).” J Cole on the chorus goes, “Me and my (n-word) show up, you know it's goin' down/ You know I'ma bring a parade if I fall through this town today/ Ain't even gotta check, you know we hardest (n-word) around/ We still pourin' up for the (n-word) that can't be around today.” Speaking of ‘Utopia’, Travis still has not confirmed an official release date of his full-length project.




‘Both were mid AF’, claims Twitter

Scott with his two new singles quickly grabbed one of the top trending spots on Twitter, however, the majority of the listeners found the new Friday releases to be “mid.” Speaking on similar lines, one user shared, “I’m listening to it rn & it’s unbelievably mid.” Another said, “Both were mid af. ya gassed tf outta this s**t.”
One added, “Does anyone listen too Travis Scott other then teenage white boys? genuine question btw.” One praised Cole’s collaboration, “Heard J. Cole come in on MAFIA and had to take a triple take, not the collab I was expecting Travis Scott to pull out.” The next one tweeted, “Escape plan was not it, Travis needs to drop songs like Mafia or Vision on Utopia to save the album.” Another urged, “Mafia goes dumb”, with another concluding, “Travis Scott better not go kanye on us and not let us have "dystopia" & "utopia", referring to how Kanye delayed ‘Donda’ for way too long.