Travis Scott ‘Utopia’ release date: Fans 'tired of lies’ after rapper teases new music

The 30-year-old renowned hip-hop artist shared a new snippet on his official Instagram account with his close to 42 million followers

                            Travis Scott ‘Utopia’ release date: Fans 'tired of lies’ after rapper teases new music
Travis Scott teases new music (Photo by Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images)

Travis Scott has been teasing his fourth studio effort ‘Utopia’ for more than a year now and we still have no strong signs of the project. However, the ‘Antidote’ hitmaker gave a new ray of hope after he teased his with fresh music ahead of his performance as a headliner at Rolling Loud Miami 2021 festival.

The 30-year-old renowned hip-hop artist shared a new snippet on his official Instagram account to his close to 42 million followers. The rapper also asked whether his fans could learn the lyrics of this new piece before he hits the stage at the Hard Rock Stadium in Miami. The Houston native has time and again dropped subtle hints about ‘Utopia’ sending his loyal fans into a tizzy every time.
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When is Travis Scott releasing ‘Utopia’?

Sharing the 59-second snippet on his Instagram ahead of his performance, he captioned the post as, “Some one ask me how im starting tonight off. ima making an escape. whos readyyy. i want the rage tonight.” The new track is reportedly called ‘Escape Plan’ where we see the rapper hopping in a car and chilling out while bumping his new record. We also see him dancing around palm trees and riding a jet ski on sunny waters. The lyrics of the track go like, “We out the basement/ On one flow where its vacay/ she feeling anxious, to be out where it’s dangerous, ok.”

Travis, who is featured on Kanye West’s ‘Donda’, last dropped his own single ‘Highest in the Room’ and ‘Franchise’ with M.I.A. and Young Thug almost a year ago. And, he most recently lent his vocals with a guest verse on Baby Keem’s ‘Durag Activity’ back in April. Speaking of ‘Utopia’, he is yet to share the official release date of the album. MEAWW will keep you posted. According to the website Genius, he had teased his fans with the album when he put up the banners and promo CDs of his 2020 single ‘Franchise’ on sale and wrote "Live From Utopia" on them. In October 2020, he took to his official Twitter account again and wrote, “GOING TO GO COOK UP AND BUILD THESE WALLS FOR UTOPIA. SEE YOU GUYS SOON” and a day before he posted, “DJs Just keep Checking ur mailbox. Got something on the way in the mail for ya.” Scott’s new full-length project will be follow-up to his 2018 mega-hit record ‘Astroworld’. The album included hits like ‘Butterfly Effect’, ‘Sicko Mode’, ‘Yosemite’ and ‘Wake Up’ and debuted atop the US Billboard 200 charts.


‘Tired of the lies and deception’, says Twitter

Social media users, who have been eagerly waiting for Scott’s fourth album rushed to Twitter as soon as the rapper dropped the new snippet. One user claimed, “Kanye isn’t going to drop but Travis Scott is because Utopia doesn’t wait.” Another requested, “Please drop Utopia Sir Scott.” Whereas, one got impatient and said, “That is IT. I’ve asked again again and AGAIN to make good music and yet you still keep producing mid music. I can’t take anymore of your mediocre music you have officially lost a listener. I’ll be listening to cardi b instead where she knows how to make good music!!!”
The next one tweeted, “Bro please tell us when utopia droppin I’m tired of the lies and deception.” Meanwhile, one said, “Bro pls drop it i’ve already been blue balled from Donda.” Another individual, who has been waiting for ‘Utopia’ for too long, added, “When are you dropping Utopia?” along with a loudly crying face emoticon. The next person shared, “Release Utopia or i will jump of a bridge you have 2 months” while one concluded, “Omg, all you gotta do is drop Utopia. This is straight up fire” adding two emojis of loudly crying face.