'Torn Fom Her Arms': 5 things you need to know about the Lifetime drama

'Torn Fom Her Arms': 5 things you need to know about the Lifetime drama
A still from the preview of 'Torn From Her Arms' (Lifetime)

'Torn from Her Arms' is a new Lifetime movie, based on actual events that take place during the ongoing crisis at the UD border. The movie walks us through the mind-numbing story of a mother and daughter who try to find their way back to each other after being separated. 

In the film, Judy Reyes portrays Thelma Garcia, a Texas Immigration lawyer who works endlessly, in the hopes of one day reuniting the pair, while Gloria Reuben plays the role of a journalist reporter, Ginger Thompson, who actually made headlines with the story. 'Torn From Her Arms' follows the lives of Cindy Madrid and her six-year-old daughter, Ximena, who fled violence in El Salvador for safety into the States, only to be separated at the border as the Administration’s Zero Tolerance Policy's protocol.



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When will 'Torn from her Arms' release? How to watch it?

'Torn from Her Arms' is scheduled to premiere on Saturday, October 30, 2021, at 8/7 c on Lifetime.

What is 'Torn from Her Arms' all about?

The official synopsis reads, "True story of a mother and daughter who finds their way back to each other after being separated".

Who stars in the Lifetime movie?

Judy Reyes

Judy Reyes (IMDb)


Judy Reyes was born and raised in New York, USA. She is famously known as both an actress and producer, for her work in 'Scrubs' (2001), 'Devious Maids' (2013), and 'The Circle' (2017). 

Gloria Reuben 

Gloria Reuben (IMDb)


Gloria Reuben is talented in more ways than one, being a successful actress, singer, and published author. Reuben is also an activist and puts in solid efforts in committing to the mental health organization called "Vibrant Emotional Health", and to human rights issues in lieu with the RFK Center, for Justice and Human Rights.

The rest of the main cast includes Julian Sedgwick



The film is produced by Ozy Media and Motion Picture Corporation of America. Alan Jonsson Gavica is the director, of a script written by Tawnya Bhattacharya and Ali Laventhol.


You can check out the trailer here 


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