'Fighting For Her Family' Full Cast List: Meet Aisha Kumari, Adam Huss and others

Based on a true story, 'Fighting For Her Family' follows Devina's journey to motherhood

                            'Fighting For Her Family' Full Cast List: Meet Aisha Kumari, Adam Huss and others
Aisha Kumari and Adam Huss in 'Fighting For Her Life' (Instagram/its_aishakumari)

For new mothers, being able to hold their child for the very first time is a truly magical experience. However, even with the best intentions, not all pregnancies are smooth sailing and often, this sensitive time in a woman's life requires the unparalleled support of her family and spouse. Lifetime's 'Fighting For Her Family' is based on a true story, where Devina, a woman who has long wished to have a child of her own, finally gets pregnant. However, her family has torn apart, as her mother disapproves of her spouse, causing conflict. But when Devina is diagnosed with life-threatening blood disorder half through her pregnancy, their world comes to a standstill but Devina is determined to see her pregnancy through.

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Aisha Kumari

Aisha Kumari is an actress and writer. Her works include 'All for Her', 'Harry Potter and the School of Hell', 'Cory and the Wongnotes', 'Waffle the Wonder Dog', 'Yellow Jacket', 'Perspective', 'Tea & Coffee', 'Little Boy Blue', 'Nice 2 Meet U' and 'Love'. In 'Fighting For Her Family', Kumari plays the role of Devina.


Adam Huss

Adam Huss is a writer, actor, and producer. Huss graduated with a BA in Drama from Binghamton University in NY and later moved to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. His works include 'General Hospital', 'All for Her', 'Along Came Wanda', 'The Kid in the Mirror', 'Insight', 'Beaus of Holly', 'It Listens from the Radio', 'The Tribe Murders', 'Another Mother', 'Mile High Escorts' and 'Find What You Love and Let It Kill You'. In 'Fighting For Her Family', Huss plays the role of Rick.


Siri Hiremath

Siri Hiremath is an actress and her works include 'All for Her', 'Never Have I Ever', 'No Place Like Dome', 'This Place is Haunted' and 'Election Day'. In 'Fighting For Her Family', Hiremath plays the role of Karlie.


Alice Amter

Alice Amter is a British-born actress. Amter has worked on a range of movies and TV series, and has worked alongside Hollywood big names such as George Clooney, Amy Brenneman, Janine Turner, Blythe Danner, Christina Hendricks, Jennifer Anniston, and Vin Diesel. She also played Mrs Koothrappali in the hugely successful sitcom 'The Big Bang Theory'. Her other works include 'All for Her', 'Mythic Quest', 'Never Have I Ever', 'Sorry for Your Loss', 'Smothered by Mothers', 'Scandal', 'NCIS: Los Angeles', 'Rosewood' and 'The Big Bang Theory'. In 'Fighting For Her Family', Alice Amter plays the role of Ani.

'Fighting For Her Family' premieres on Sunday, October 16 at 10/9c on Lifetime. 

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