'Mr Robot' actor Gloria Reuben says 'there will never be anything' like Krista's unique relationship with Elliot on TV again

'Mr Robot' actor Gloria Reuben says 'there will never be anything' like Krista's unique relationship with Elliot on TV again

On the heels of that jaw-dropping 'Mr. Robot' Episode 7 of Season 4, we caught up with Gloria Reuben about her role as Elliot's court-appointed therapist, Krista Gordon. In an exclusive interview with MEA WorldWide (MEAWW), Reuben spoke about Krista's special relationship with Elliot as she helps him deal with Mr. Robot.

When asked why Krista keeps trying to distance herself from Elliot even though she has a soft spot for him, she said: "Krista 'rejects' Elliot, but then again, does she? Krista is a very unique character. She's a very complex, complicated and unsteady in unexpected ways. And when it comes to Krista and Elliot, I've never seen anything like their relationship on television or film. I assume that there will never be anything quite like their relationship again. Maybe some [people] will try to mimic it in other shows but it won't be possible to replicate. There will only ever be one 'Krista+Elliot.'"

Describing the writing on the show as "incredible",  Reuben said "portraying her has been a dream in particular because the writing is so good and the majority of my work is with the extraordinary Rami Malek."

Part of her on set experience has also been the directorial guiding hand of creator Sam Esmail for whom 'Mr. Robot' has been a passion project. "My experience with Sam [Esmail] has been divine. It has been an unforgettable, inspiring and fun ride. In short, an actor's dream," she added.

According to her, the show has been a "rare and beautiful thing"-- something precious to be guarded. So much so, she is reluctant to share on-set anecdotes.

"All I can say is that it was a coming together of extremely talented, committed, and dedicated creative professionals. Everyone brought their A-game every day, for every take...those memories are gems that I will keep tucked away close to my heart," Reuben said.

Since this was the final season, the cast and crew knew they were parting for good and in Reuben's words, they had "a really fun and late-night wrap party" once the filming was done. Reuben, a veteran actor who has been in the industry since the 80s, has seen it and done it all, appearing on popular shows like 'ER', 'Law & Order: SVU' and 'City on a Hill'.


Asked about her mantra to crafting a successful and long, acting career, she replied: "Never give up, on your craft, on your art, on yourself and your integrity. Always keep expanding your creative expression -- who knows where it will lead!" 

Reuben is currently promoting her book, 'My Brother's Keeper'. The intensely soul-baring memoir talks about her difficult childhood that included facing bullying at school because of her mixed-race background, a difficult relationship with her single mother, mental health issues and the early death of her father and the subsequent loss of two brothers. The book releases November 19.


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