'Today' host Sheinelle Jones abruptly leaves set to attend outdoor morning dance party

'Today' host Sheinelle Jones abruptly leaves set to attend outdoor morning dance party
'Today' show host Sheinelle Jones was missing from the group pop culture segment (@today/Twitter)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: NBC’s ‘Today’ host Sheinelle Jones abruptly leaves the set after leading a segment on the death of Tina Turner. She later revealed the surprising reason behind her exit.

On Thursday, May 25, ‘Today’ broadcast, host Sheinelle Jones honored Tina Turner on a segment after the singer died on Wednesday. After the segment, Jones disappeared from the set and wasn’t seen on the morning show’s pop culture moment. The viewers of the show later realized her disappearance which was revealed when Jones resurfaced on the show for an outdoor segment.


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Sheinelle Jones enjoys morning dance party

‘Today’ and ‘3rd Hour of Today’ hosts namely, Carson Daly, Hoda Kotb, Savannah Guthrie, Craig Melvin, Sheinelle Jones, and Dylan Dreyer held the Thursday’s segment. However, Jones disappeared from the set after this segment and did not take part in the pop culture moment, PopStart. The rest of the hosts were seen during the segment. Surprisingly, despite being a little early on set, Jones was missing. Later, when viewers noticed her missing about 10 minutes later, it was revealed that she returned to the show for an outdoor segment. Although her co-hosts were also outside, they were at their usual spot in the ‘Today’ show Plaza.

Meanwhile, Jones unearthed the reason behind her abrupt disappearance when she reported live from a nearby massive morning dance party. She was missing from the rest of the flagship edition of the show before returning back to the set to make it in time for her next gig co-hosting ‘3rd Hour of Today’ alongside Dylan and Craig.



Al Roker’s surprising return

Upon Jones's return to the studio, the hosts received a major surprise when their fellow co-host Al Roker crashed the segment. Al Roker who has been at home recovering from knee surgery amazed his co-hosts after he snuck into the National Wine Day segment during the ‘3rd Hour of Today’ segment. While Jones stood at the side of the table filled with wines, Dylan and Craig stood behind it and sampled the products. Jones started speaking, "Up next, the woman who may change the way you think about work/life balance. Her strategy-," but she was cut off in the middle as Craig giggled loudly and threw his hands up. Jones turned her head and had a stunned look on her face. Dylan put her wine glass down and yelled as well after seeing co-host Al Roker walking onto the set with a cane. The speechless hosts took their turns to give hugs to their beloved co-host Al Roker.

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 'Today' host Sheinelle Jones abruptly leaves set to attend outdoor morning dance party