'Extreme Sisters' Season 2: Air time and how to live stream TLC show

'Extreme Sisters' Season 2: Air time and how to live stream TLC show
Anna and Lucy De Cinque, the self-proclaimed 'world's most identical twins' on TLC's 'Extreme Sisters' (TLC)

TLC's latest offering 'Extreme Sisters' turned out to be an instant hit among fans. The show documents the "obsessive" relationship between siblings, which leaves you wondering how close is too close when it comes to relationships between siblings. From sharing underwear to boyfriend, the sisters featured on the show spared nothing when it came to sharing among themselves. 


After airing 10 episodes, the show's Season 1 ended but left many unanswered questions about these siblings. Although there is no official statement or confirmation from the network about the renewal of 'Extreme Sisters' for Season 2, we sure hope to see another season so that we can get a few answers on how these siblings managed to navigate life while being scarily co-dependent on their sibling and risking all their other relations to stay close to each other.



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Brittany and Briana Deane are obsessed with being the perfect identical twins (Extreme Sisters/ TLC)

Air time

There has been no news of 'Extreme Sisters' Season 2. Keep watching this space for further updates.


How to live stream

Although we are yet to hear any news about 'Extreme Sisters' Season 2, you can catch up on the Season 1 episodes here. There are several other ways that one can tune into the show. For viewers who wish to watch the show without a cable connection, Philo, fuboTV, Sling TV, Hulu with Live TV, AT&T TV and YouTube TV seem to be the best options available. Apart from this, Discovery Plus subscribers can catch the episodes anytime anywhere on the app. Episodes are also available to view on TLC's website, Amazon Fire TV, Roku and Apple TV. Viewers can also download the TLC Go app to tune in to the episodes.


Brooke and Baylee share everything with each other from toothbrush to underwear (Extreme Sisters/ TLC)


Season 1 of 'Extreme Sisters' ended with Anna and Lucy DeCinque finally getting their commitment ring from their shared boyfriend Ben. Owing to Australian laws, the twins can't get married to the same man at the same time, so they were hoping to get some form of commitment from him towards their relationship. The twins briefly toyed with the idea of getting pregnant together by him, but unfortunately, when that plan fell through, Ben stepped in and reassured the twins that he was indeed committed to them and their relationship by presenting them with two identical rings, and declaring his love for them. So, if there's Season 2 of 'Extreme Sisters' it'll be interesting to see how things are between the throuple.


Another set of twins that are battling their own share of relationship woes is Christina and Jessica. While Christina is on keen ending the co-dependent relationship with her sister, Jessica is having a hard time accepting the new change in her sister. The season ended with Christina standing firm by her decision to pursue other relationships in her life and not solely prioritizing her relationship with Jessica. Just like Christina and Jessica, Patrice and Patrix too are struggling to balance their relationships and sisterhood. While Patrix is ready to move to Texas to start a new life with her fiance, Patrice worries about how their sisterhood will survive the distance and she begins hatching plans to find a way to remain close together.


Brittany and Briana are enjoying their quaternary marriage and motherhood. Sisters Brooke and Baylee have to make a major decision that could potentially affect their sisterhood. Baylee's boyfriend asks her to move with him in case he has to move out of the state for his job, but Baylee is reluctant to make this big decision as she has never stayed away from her big sister Brooke. Brooke's husband, Denver, on the other hand, isn't too pleased with his sister-in-law constantly meddling in his marital matters. So, there's definitely a lot of drama to keep an eye out for when the new season of 'Extreme Sisters' is announced.


Christina and Jessica went through all the major life events together (Extreme Sisters/ TLC)


Anna and Lucy DeCinque, Brookle and Baylee, Christina and Jessica, Brittany and Briana, and Patrice and Patrix were featured on Season 1 of 'Extreme Sisters'. There is no news of Season 2 casting yet. Keep watching this space for further updates.



The official trailer for Season 2 of 'Extreme Sisters' hasn't been released yet. Keep watching this space for further updates.

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