Why do Patrix and Patrica want to move to Orlando? 'Extreme Sister' fans puzzled

Why do Patrix and Patrica want to move to Orlando? 'Extreme Sister' fans puzzled
'Extreme Sisters' stars Patrix and Patrica (TLC)

"What is in Orlando?" was the question buzzing in the minds of 'Extreme Sisters' fans after watching twin sisters Patrix and Patrica obsessing over moving to Orlando, Florida. Through the course of 'Extreme Sisters' Season 1, these twin sisters couldn't stop raving about their dream to move to Orlando since they were little girls. Although the sisters were shown residing in Atlanta, Georgia, their heart was set on Orlando.

Now in their 30s, Patrix feels that it's now or never for them to turn their childhood dream into reality, but unfortunately, Patrica's personal life is getting in the twin sisters' dreams. Patrica is happily married and has a family in Atlanta, so she finds herself torn between picking her family or her childhood dream with her twin sister. After much contemplation, Patrica tells her sister to go live her life in Orlando, and that she would join her after she manages to convince her husband for the big move. This ended up creating a small situation between the sisters. Soon after Patrica encouraged her sister to pursue her dream, Patrix reportedly went to Texas and got engaged to her on-and-off boyfriend Tony and returned with the big news of her plans to move to Texas.


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When Patrica heard about her sister's plan to shift to Texas to stay with Tony, she immediately began worrying about their sisterhood and Orlando dreams. So, Patrica came up with a plan of getting Patrix and Tony married in Orlando, so that their husbands can see how happy they are and decide to relocate there. 

Watching the sisters' obsession with Orlando left fans puzzled about what was so special about Orlando. A fan tweeted, "What tf is in Orlando that they need to go so bad? Wasn't you just tryna convince her to start a new life? #extremesisters." Another fan wrote, "WHAT is in Orlando?? #ExtremeSisters." Another wondered, "Is Orlando really a magical place that enchants people? Have I been missing out? #ExtremeSisters."





Several fans were taken aback by Patrica's attempt at trying to manipulate and control Patrix's life. A fan shared, "Wait one minute your pushing her to move to Orlando without you to find love & now she finds love & mentions moving to TX & your totally against it. Seems like your mad about not having control over the situation. Your FL dream seems of convenience Patricia #ExtremeSisters #TLC." Another said, "Ummmm Patricia....YOUUUU just told Patrix to go to FL w/o you but now you can't be sisters because she's going to TX. Girl stop! But what does Patrix do where she can up & move ASAP? #ExtremeSisters." 



'Extreme Sisters' is available for streaming on TLC Go app. 

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