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'Extreme Sisters': Air time, how to live stream, trailer, cast and all about the TLC show featuring obsessive sisterly love

From sharing underwear to boyfriend, these sisters literally spare nothing when it comes to sharing
 Anna and Lucy De Cinque, the self-proclaimed "world's most identical twins: will be starring on TLC's 'Extreme Sisters' (TLC)
Anna and Lucy De Cinque, the self-proclaimed "world's most identical twins: will be starring on TLC's 'Extreme Sisters' (TLC)

In households with siblings, the parents always preached about how 'sharing is caring'. The siblings were always encouraged to share everything amongst themselves so as to instill the value of love and care. But some siblings seem to have taken it a bit too far. TLC's new series 'Extreme Sisters' features some siblings whose relationship will certainly leave you shocked. From sharing underwear to boyfriend, these sisters literally spare nothing when it comes to sharing. 

If watching dysfunctional and obsessive relationships sounds exciting and fun, then TLC's 'Extreme Sisters' should definitely be on your watchlist. Read on to know all about this new show featuring inseparable sisters.


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The siblings featured on 'Extreme Sisters' share everything from food to boyfriend (TLC)

Release date

'Extreme Sisters' is all set to premiere on Sunday, April 25 at 10 PM ET/PT, only on TLC.

How to live stream

The show is available for streaming here, following its premiere. 


'Extreme Sisters' follows five sets of twins who share a very 'obsessive and inseparable relationship'. Sisterly love takes on a whole new meaning in this series. Although some siblings do share a close bond with each other, these siblings' bond can be best described as an obsession at its extreme. From eating the same foods to sleeping in the same bed and even sharing a boyfriend, some of these sister fascinations are sure to make you think twice about how close sisters can really be. 

The network describes the show as, "Despite what others may think about their uncanny relationships, these 'Extreme Sisters' are unapologetic in their dedication to one another. However, when the opinions of society, family, romantic partners, and some major life changes come into play, it remains to be seen if these sisters will be able to defend and maintain their exceptional bond. What are these sisters willing to lose to keep their obsession with each other intact? In this brand new series, viewers will get a glimpse into some of the most unique sister lifestyles revealing how they navigate each of their rare relationships throughout life."

Christina and Jessica's obsessive closeness led to their divorces (TLC)


Anna and Lucy “One in the Same” eat the same foods, go to the bathroom together and shower together. They are literally never apart. The sisters even share the same boyfriend named "Ben". They feel that by having the same boyfriend they get to spend more time together and are never apart. 

Brooke and Baylee “The Candaces” are so close that they shared the same bed growing up and continue to do so even though Brooke is married, and her husband is uncomfortable with Baylee sleeping with them. They shower together, pop each other’s pimples and also share the same name – Candace. Technically, the two are named Candace-Brooke and Candace Baylee. These sisters definitely never heard about healthy boundaries. 

Brittany and Briana “New Sister Moms” always dreamed about marrying and getting pregnant at the same time as one another they have what is called a quaternary marriage which is very rare. The sisters have successfully achieved this goal, with just a few months difference in their pregnancies. They will share their motherhood journey on the show. 

Christina and Jessica “Psychic Sisters” have led parallel lives through every major life event. They married, were pregnant, and went through divorces together. Their obsessive closeness is the reason for both of their divorces and because they believe they are each other’s soul mate. Today, they live .2 miles away from one another, raising their children together as single mothers. They are inseparable and feel physically sick when they are apart. The sisters even have a code word for each other that signals to the other that no matter what they’re doing at that time, they must drop it and rush to one another’s sides.

Patrix and Patrcia “Right Hand Sister” live their lives intertwined from the moment they were born. Patrix has an apartment but rarely uses it and spends a majority of her time living at Patrica’s house. Patrica was born with a third of her fingers missing on her right hand, so Patrix has always been by her sister’s side in the face of bullies and to step in to help Patrica with tasks that aren’t easy to do without two properly formed hands, such as cutting nails, shaving and applying makeup. Patrix truly is Patrica’s right-hand sister.




'Extreme Sisters' is produced by Bodega Pictures for TLC. Howard Lee, President of TLC Streaming and Network Originals, described the show as 'raw, honest and perhaps a little unconventional.' He said, "Having a close knit family is something most people aspire to and at TLC, we love to explore relationships of all kinds. In Extreme Sisters, we will introduce sets of inseparable sisters whose bonds are raw, honest and perhaps a little unconventional.  Their sibling kinship brings the meaning of sisterhood to a whole other level!”

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