'The Bachelorette' 2022: Tino Franco's dad Joe throws shade at the show, says 'so glad it's almost over'

'The Bachelorette' 2022: Tino Franco's dad Joe throws shade at the show, says 'so glad it's almost over'
Tino's dad, Joe Franco in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 (ABC)

SANTA CLARITA, CALIFORNIA: Joe Franco, Tino Franco's father, has opinions and isn't afraid to express them. Following the end of the first show of 'The Bachelorette' Season 19, finale, the 'Mexican' father turned to Facebook to trash the show and more.

Tino Franco's parents were chastised when Rachel Recchia visited him on her hometown visit. Joe, his father, then came out, sarcastically addressing questions posed by Bachelor Nation following the visit. Despite the fact that alums and fans were disappointed and outraged by how Joe and his wife, Sandi Franco, handled Rachel when she visited their house, Joe has kept making ripples in the franchise. Tino promised Rachel that his parents would both come around, but Rachel remained doubtful and concerned.


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Joe has kept posting and commenting on his Facebook page about the show, his son, and the entire process. Some fans were predicting that things between Rachel and Tino don't end well ahead of the two-part finale, as host Jesse Palmer previewed an "emotional" season finale. While some viewers understood Joe's reasoning, many questioned Joe's beliefs and thoughts, as well as his outspokenness throughout the broadcast. Joe Franco's social media presence has made ripples as he continues to stir up trouble in Bachelor Nation. Furthermore, the comments on the page were more than worrisome for Bachelorette viewers. Joe even went on to criticize the show for all the "crying," which is alarming considering the promo for next week's episode, which shows not just our bachelorettes but even our suitors tearing down. *coughs* The suitor being his son, Tino.


Seeing Tino's dad go all out on Facebook, fans feel this needs to be addressed by the show's host next week when the show returns for the second part of the live finale event: "I’m gonna need @JessePalmerTV to address Tino’s dad’s FB posts and comments next week. They just keep getting worse. #thebachelorette." Some fans worry if Tino's dad will disown him by the end of the show: "Tino’s dad said he may not be welcomed back into the family if he cries on the show. I feel for Tino if his father has truly blindsided him as well as Rachel. #TheBachelorette #bacheloretteABC." Seeing all these posts, fans are worried if Rachel and Tino are still together: "Not Tino’s dad all but confirming Rachel and Tino break up by throwing shade at her all over his Facebook. #thebachelorette." On the other hand, some fans found Joe Franco's social media much more interesting than this weeks' finale: "The content on Tino’s dad’s Facebook is probably more entertaining than this “unbelievable finale” #TheBachelorettes #thebachelorette #bachelorette." Comparing his posting to that of ex-US president Trump, a fan quipped: "Why does Tino’s dad tweet like he is Donald Trump lol #TheBachelorette."







Joe earlier made comments regarding the show and attacked a commentator's statement about the Bachelorette cast back in July. In response to Sam Rubin's remarks, Joe replied, “Our oldest son is on the Bachelorette, and got the ‘first impression rose’ whatever that is. Never have seen the show. He went on to write, “Not sure how we feel about the idea of finding your soul mate on TV and Sam’s right, it’s a bit cheesy, but nothing wrong with a little fun – it’s not 60 Minutes. Let’s hope Tino doesn’t bring shame on the name, and above all, he may not be welcomed back home if he cries on the show! But we love him anyway.”

After the second week of the show's airing, Joe resorted to social media to call out those who monitored screen time; nevertheless, he went on to say that baggage had more air time than his son. Furthermore, he discloses some information about himself and his family, as well as makes light of the situation. The majority of his comments were snarky and intended to be humorous.

Additionally, Joe recently said on Reddit — which has since been deleted — that his son best not have sex on the show. “First rule from longtime Bachelor franchise watcher . . . don’t sleep with the Bachelorette during taping of the show. Best of luck!” Joe allegedly responded, “We told him the same thing when he left for the show! ” in response to his friend's message.

While Reality Steve has revealed who Rachel ultimately chooses and the state of their present relationship, viewers are interested to see if Rachel ends up with Tino and how his father responds if that occurs.

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