'The Bachelorette' 2022: Does Big Tony like Tino? Fans upset with Rachel's father for not grilling Tino after date

'The Bachelorette' 2022: Does Big Tony like Tino? Fans upset with Rachel's father for not grilling Tino after date
Rachel's father Tony and her suitor Tino in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 (ABC)

MEXICO, NORTH AMERICA: The voyage of Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey is coming to an end. The girls introduced their pursuers to their families and made some difficult decisions about their futures in Part 1 of 'The Bachelorette's two-part, live season finale, but viewers are notably furious with Tino's meeting with Rachel's friends and family.

Before the episode, host Jesse Palmer told viewers and the live studio viewing public that the future episodes would be "so emotional, so dramatic, so controversial." The ladies then joined him live, in the studio, where Rachel acknowledged she was "definitely nervous" about what was to come, and she wasn't lying! She began with three suitors whereas Gabby only had one, but by the conclusion of the episode, they ended up with the same count. Fans believe Rachel was not disappointed with the outcome, but they are upset with one of the family meetings in which Rachel's parents and best friends met her last man, Tino.


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Tino meeting Rachel's friends and family in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 (ABC)
Tino meeting Rachel's friends and family in 'The Bachelorette' 2022 (ABC)

While Rachel and Tino enjoyed a fantastic night in the Fantasy Suite, the pilot was concerned about his family's apparent hatred for her. With that in mind, the two proceeded to meet Rachel's family, an encounter that went far better than Tino's meet-and-greet. Rachel is feeling a little depressed after being "blindsided" by Aven, and she hopes Tino will not be as surprised when he meets her family. Tino is quite anxious, and he finds it far more difficult to strike up a conversation with the family than Aven did. When fans hoped he might do better in a one-on-one with Rachel's mom, they were met with disappointment.

"Do you think you guys have enough in common?" asks Mary Anne. Tino's reply: "Yeah." Reacting to this, one fan quipped: "Mom: “Do you all have a lot in common?” Tino: “Yeah <end of sentence>” #bachelorette #thebachelorette."


Mom changes to the family question after he babbles something about how they'll find new things to do together. Tino is asked if his parents will agree to this (possible) engagement. "Absolutely," he responds. "I am one million percent confident they'll love Rachel — because I do, so they don't have a choice."

Rachel meets with Big Tony in another room, who is concerned that Tino's work as a general contractor may prevent her from reaching her aspirations. Tino works on skyscrapers, which take years to finish, which means Rachel may be unable to "work in Europe," something she appears to be interested in. Nonetheless, Big Tony can sense Rachel's "enthusiasm" for Tino, so he's prepared to give the guy a chance.

Dad starts his conversation with Tino by inquiring about the notorious hometown date, and Tino believes that his folks only need to spend more time with Rachel before they realize how wonderful she is. In terms of professional difficulties, Tino says he'd be prepared to relocate internationally, although it may take a few years to land a position "on a building" in another nation. "Your daughter does mean the world to me," Tino continues. "I'm going to make your daughter happy forever."

"I like you," her father said. Tino celebrated his excellent day in a confessional. "I feel like what I've wanted for weeks now is really going to happen," he said.

It may be a happy day for Tino it certainly wasn't for the fans who wanted him to have a hard time as Rachel did when she met his parents. Upset at Big Tony for not grilling Tino enough, a fan tweeted: "Me after Tony doesn’t grill Tino like I want him to #bachelorette #thebachelorette." Looking at the entire conversation, fans had only one thing to say: "Every word out of Tino’s mouth is a red flag. A challenge considering every other word is Beach #bachelorette #thebachelorette." Questioning how Rachel's family ended up liking Tino, one fan wrote: "Tino is the blandest bull shittter ever. How did her family love him? He's such an untrustworthy snooze #TheBachelorette." Fans were even mad at Rachel's friends for not questioning Tino enough like they did Aven earlier: "How come Tino doesn’t have to be grilled by Jack and Karen from Will & Grace over here #TheBachelorette #bachelorette."





After seeing Tino admitting how he only talks to his dad about sports and not his love life, one fan tweeted: "why does it make SO MUCH SENSE that Tino has only ever talked to his dad about sports?!? @BachelorABC #thebachelorette." Another fan tweeted: "Tino continuing to say that he knows his parents like Rachel #TheBachelorette #bachelorette." Recounting Rachel's experience at Tino's, a fan tweeted: "Tino: I know if Rachel spent a day at the beach with my family the beach: #TheBachelorette #Bachelorette." Seeing Tino care about Rachel's parents apporval and not his own, a fan wrote: "Funny how Tino cares about her parents approval but doesn’t care one bit about his own at all lol #TheBachelorette #bachelorette."





Part 2 of 'The Bachelorette's live season finale will air Tuesday, Sept. 20 on ABC.

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