Who is Tina Bean? Hackers take over OnlyFans model's account, share ISIS beheading clips

When Tina Bean raised her incident with OnlyFans, they temporarily disabled her account and she lost a lot of followers and money

                            Who is Tina Bean? Hackers take over OnlyFans model's account, share ISIS beheading clips
Tina Bean's OnlyFans account was suspended after hackers blackmailed her (Twitter/@trodriguez69)

An OnlyFans model became the target of a notorious group of hackers who took control of her account to stream "terrifying" ISIS beheadings. Identified as Tina Bean, the model's account on the paid subscription adult entertainment platform has since been suspended, and her hordes of followers lost. Bean has also lost thousands of dollars. The hackers who started blackmailing her, took over her site and even though she allegedly kept deleting the graphic videos, their control on her forum seemed inescapable as they soon began addressing her followers with the N-word and shared all her content on a porn website.

News of this jarring OnlyFans disaster comes amid a spate of models from the platform dying in tragic circumstances. Battling with terminal cancer, adult actress and OnlyFans content creator Dahlia Sky was found dead with a gunshot wound less than a week ago. Pornhub and OnlyFans star Kristina Lisina, also tragically died after falling from the 22nd floor of a tower in St Petersburg. Their deaths were preceded by that of Dakota Skye, who was homeless and found dead in an unknown location in mysterious circumstances.


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Tina Bean was raking in $2,000 a month before hackers took over her account (Twitter/@trodriguez69)

Who is Tina Bean?

The 22-year-old OnlyFans model from Phoenix, Arizona, had joined the paid subscription platform to earn enough to get herself an apartment back when she was sleeping in her car. Soon she tasted success with her page earning $2,000 a month. Although not clear when things went downhill, Bean told BBC how the hackers invaded her account demanding $150 at first, and soon followed it up with horrifying videos of ISIS holding people hostage and shooting them in the head. 
"They seemed terrifying," Bean told the publication, adding: "I kept deleting them and changing my password but kept getting locked out of my account." The hackers then allegedly spammed 40 of Bean's fans, addressing them with the N-word, and shortly after leaked her photos on a porn site. This caused Bean to lose most of her followers, and now she's left earning a measley £72 (roughly $100) a week.

Tina Bean seen in a video posted on her Twitter account (Twitter)

OnlyFans didn't help Bean much

Bean's plight came into light as part of a BBC investigation "based on the experiences of dozens of women that reveals concerns about how the British-run site is structured, managed and moderated," notes the publication. This includes disturbing experiences content creators face on the platform that range from "receiving terrorism videos to racial abuse and rape threats," BBC adds.

But when Bean raised her incident with OnlyFans, they temporarily disabled her account. The company hit her back with failure to report the racial slur. They also claimed that the slur went undetected with the site's moderation system because it was pluralized. But Bean's incident isn't an isolated one, as The Sun reports hundreds of OnlyFans accounts were targeted by similar cybercriminals who leaked explicit content elsewhere on the Internet just earlier this year.

One of the celebrities targeted by those hackers is Bella Thorne, the publication reports. The leaked content has since appeared on a Google Drive, that was then shared on an online hackers platform. Researchers from the cybersecurity firm BackChannel had allegedly made the discovery, and since created an online tool that helps OnlyFans content creators in keeping a check on whether their content has been targeted.

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