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'Tiger King 2' Review: Another bonkers additon with an insane twist in the tale

Joe Exotic is back to enthrall viewers with a second season of 'Tiger King'
UPDATED NOV 17, 2021
Young Joe Exotic with his ex-wife in 'Tiger King 2' (Netflix)
Young Joe Exotic with his ex-wife in 'Tiger King 2' (Netflix)

Last year, Netflix hit a jackpot with the documentary series ‘Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness’. Despite being a helluva crazy ride, the documentary series garnered universal acclaim from viewers and critics, boosting Netflix's subscriber count in the process. The world got to meet a guy like Joe Exotic, who was put into jail for animal abuse and planning to kill Carole Baskin.

The documentary shattered all the viewing records for Netflix. So, it comes as no surprise that the streaming platform wanted to make sure that they capitalize on that success. After almost a year, Netflix has come out with the second season of ‘Tiger King’, and fans are surely glued to their screens for the latest edition. But, is it worth watching? And what new things does the second season bring to the table?


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First things first, the season is all about Exotic talking from jail and how his team of lawyers worked to get him out of the prison. So, there are not many scenes involving big cats, but there’s still so much to see in the second edition. The second edition starts by giving us an idea of what sort of an impact the first season created on the minds of people. People were dressing up as Joe, having the same hairstyle as him, and even making songs on him. A few moments later we get to know that Exotic is coming for everyone and he believes that Carole Baskin is the only person who earned a fortune after he went behind bars.

Joe Exotic in 'Tiger King 2' (Netflix)

The five-part true-crime series navigates through the maniacal aftermath of the first edition as everyone capitalized on the show and viewers became really obsessive with the show. One of the main stories in the first season was about Carole’s ex-husband Don. The makers tried to give viewers what they wanted in Season 2 and dedicate two episodes to that case. Even though some people would have liked those episodes, but in reality, it didn’t provide anything meaty for people to say “yes, it was her.”

The best part of the second season is Tim Stark. The foul-mouthed zoo owner tried working with Jeff Lowe after Joe went to jail. The duo wanted to open a zoo, but things fell apart when Jeff couldn’t provide his share of the money. As soon as Tim comes on the screen, the series becomes a crazy ride once again.  The revelations come thick and fast.

If you are hoping for another bout of Joe and Carole, then you’ll be disappointed because Carole refused to be on the series. However, the series does revisit the extraordinary lives of these people who have become celebrities after the series. The last two episodes of the series are absolutely brilliant. If we look back, Joe Exotic was called an animal abuser during the first season and this time around, the tag of animal abusers go to Jeff Lowe and Tim Stark. Meanwhile, the ending of the series is literally something that will blow your mind. 

Jeff Lowe in 'Tiger King 2' (Netflix)

All in all, the second season of ‘Tiger King’ might not be as exhilarating and controversial as the first one, but it has a lot of moments that will keep you glued to your screens. It is a feast for everyone who likes true-crime docuseries and is captivated by the extraordinary world of Joe Exotic and others. 

‘Tiger King 2’ is currently streaming on Netflix.