'The Motive': 5 things you need to know about the Netflix documentary

'The Motive': 5 things you need to know about the Netflix documentary
A still from trailer of 'The Motive' (YouTube)

'The Motive' is the latest Israeli docuseries on Netflix of the Crime TV show, and True Crime Documentaries genres. The provocative, terrifying series walks us through the deaths of a family, all shot in their beds while asleep, by a 14-year-old boy.

As if the incident in itself isn't horrifying enough, tons of unanswered questions remain. 'The Motive', a four-part series, showcases the mind-numbing story of a teen boy, who murdered his family with a rifle, in the Ein Kerem neighborhood of Jerusalem, in 1986. The boy added that a green creature of sorts had entered his mind and told him to kill everyone at home. Investigators and many psychiatrists from all over the world tried to make sense of his doings, having reached no conclusion. There are interviews with judges, lawyers, a journalist, police, doctors, and even prosecutors at the home for offenders, where the boy served time, for a solid six years.


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The evidently psychotic boy, who is now a grown man with a wife and children; a family of his own. To date, he has not been identified by the media, as he was a minor when the heinous crime was committed. It seems that he works in the finance field in a senior position, but lost his job after his previous crime was reported, following which, his name was rapidly buzzing on social media. They say that evil lives among us, and just so is the case of a mysterious Israeli boy, who took a drastic move, for which we are yet to get answers.


When does 'The Motive' release and where can you watch it?

The series is scheduled to begin streaming on Netflix on October 28.

What is 'The Motive' all about?

'The Motive' tells us the story of a young teenager, who murdered both his parents and sisters, using his father's rifle.


Tali Shemesh and Asaf Sudri are the creators of the documentary.





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