Netflix 'Spoiled Brats': 5 things to know about the French comedy movie

Netflix 'Spoiled Brats': 5 things to know about the French comedy movie
Official poster of 'Spoiled Brats' (Netflix)

Netflix has done a lot of hard work for becoming the world’s leading streaming service and they have taken their operations to major cities around the world. The streaming giant has given a platform to foreign filmmakers and showrunners for showcasing their talent. That’s why we have seen so many non-English language shows becoming a phenomenon in recent times.

Another project that would be looking to create an impact on everyone is none other than ‘Spoiled Brats’. The upcoming French comedy revolves around a family that is extraordinarily rich and has everything in the world. However, the patriarch of the family feels that his children are getting arrogant with all the money and wants them to be better people. So, one day he tricks them and tells them that all the fortune he earned is now gone. What will happen next? Will the children turn out to be better people? Or will they get to know the truth?



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The upcoming French movie is an addition to Netflix’s foreign-language catalog which already consists of projects like ‘Mosul’, ‘The Forgotten Battle’, and ‘#Alive’.

Here’s everything we know about the upcoming French movie.


Gerard Jugnot as Francis Bartek in 'Spoiled Brats' (Netflix)

When will ‘Spoiled Brats’ release and where can you watch it?

The upcoming French comedy will be premiering exclusively on Netflix on Friday, November 26. According to the Netflix press site, the movie is streaming exclusively at 3:01 am EST. You can subscribe to the streaming platform and watch the movie.


What is ‘Spoiled Brats’ all about?

The official synopsis reads, “Three spoiled siblings are forced to earn their livings after their wealthy and well-meaning father pretends he's lost everything to teach them a lesson.”

Who stars in the French comedy movie?

The movie features talented French actors who will tickle your funny bone. Gerard Jugnot will play the role of Francis Bartek while Camille Lou will portray the character of Stella Bartek.


Camille Lou

Camille Lou began her career as a musician and started her solo career under the pseudonym, Jimmie. She garnered her first acting role in 2012 with the French stage musical ‘1789: Les Amants de la Charite’. On the other hand, she made her Television debut in 2018 with ‘Les Bracelets Rouges’.

In 2016, she took part in season 7 of the French version of ‘Dancing with the Stars’, finishing in second place.




The rest of the cast includes Artus as Philippe Bartek, Louka Meliava as Alexandre Bartek, Tom Leeb as Juan Carlos, and Elea Clair. 



The movie is directed by Nicolas Cuche while the screenplay is written by Gary Alazraki, Patricio Saiz, and Laurent Turner. On the other hand, Alazraki, Laurent Baudens, Guido Rud, and Leonardo Zimbron serve as associate producers on the movie.


You can watch the trailer below: 



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