'Tiger King 2': Fans demand Joe Exotic's release after 'murder for hire' plot twist

'Tiger King' fans got the shock of their lives when Alan Glover said in his affidavit that Jeff Lowe wanted to kill Joe Exotic and not Carole Baskin

                            'Tiger King 2': Fans demand Joe Exotic's release after 'murder for hire' plot twist
Joe Exotic in a still from 'Tiger King 2' (Netflix)

The second season of Netflix’s highly controversial documentary series ‘Tiger King’ has finally dropped and the madness has been unleashed once again. Joe Exotic is coming for everyone who took advantage of him. If the first season was all about Joe Exotic going against Carole Baskin, then the latest edition tells you about what happened after Joe was sent to jail and how other characters seemed to have made a fortune out of his former zoo.

However, a massive revelation at the end might change everything for Joe. During the final moments, Alan Glover, who was a close friend of Jeff Lowe, revealed that Jeff never wanted Carole killed, he actually wanted Joe Exotic dead. The plot was never to kill Carole, it was always about Joe Exotic being dead so that Jeff could take everything Joe has.


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As soon as the revelation surfaced online, Joe’s ardent fans on social media felt angry and started trending the hashtag ‘Free Joe Exotic’. They believe that Joe was framed and it is Jeff Lowe, who should be behind bars. One of the users shared, “Joe is definitely innocent after watching Tiger King 2! #FreeJoeExotic.” Another one noted, “FREE Exotic Joe. Watching the show now. You are loved by many, many people in this world. You will be blessed 1000000x over and freed. It won't be long. Hang in there.”





Another fan added, “I’m blown away, Joe. Watching episodes 4 and 5 tonight. I can’t believe what I’ve seen so far. Crazy. You got so f’d!” Meanwhile, one of the fans said, “OMG I watched it ALL earlier (as I was on a 12 hour Twitter ban) - and WOAH!! Jeff Lowe should be in prison!! Awful man. #FreeJoeExotic.”





“#TigerKingSeason2 was iconic as expected but we really really need to #FreeJoeExotic please,” shared another social media user.



The official Twitter account of Joe Exotic also tweeted out after the series went live on the streaming platform and noted that the truth is finally out. The tweet said, “Let the truth be shown! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING THE REAL STORY @netflix.”

However, there were many who believed that Joe shouldn’t be out because of what he did to animals. One of the users wrote, “Since #TigerKing is trending, a reminder that wild animals are not pets. They’re not for our entertainment. Cub petting is exploitive. Roadside “zoos” are cruel. Joe Exotic is not someone to look up to. The horrific reality of this industry is not cute or funny.” Another user noted, “Reminder that Joe Exotic is a serial animal abuser who is partially in prison because he MURDERED BABY TIGERS. Do not glorify this man.”





“Came to Twitter to find people crying for Joe Exotic and not the animals he abused and murdered,” said another one.



As per everything that has been shown in Season 2, it is suggested that Joe was the apparent target and Jeff Lowe was behind it. Joe’s lawyer John Phillips believes that even the government is involved in this matter and deliberately puts Joe behind bars.

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