'Tiger King 2' Ending Explained: Was Joe and NOT Carole the target? SHOCKING end stuns fans

'Tiger King 2' Ending Explained: Was Joe and NOT Carole the target? SHOCKING end stuns fans
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The highly anticipated Season 2 of ‘Tiger King’ has finally been released on Netflix and once again, the makers have come out with a crazy season starring Joe Exotic and his (supposed) friends. The first season of the documentary series took the streaming platform to a whole new level. According to the reporter, 64 million households saw the series in the first 10 days of its release.

So, it comes as no surprise that a second season was also announced by the streaming platform. The stakes are higher this time around because the second edition primarily focuses on people who wanted to hurt Joe in the previous season. Joe has already said that he is coming for everyone and wants them behind bars. Meanwhile, Jeff Lowe and his wife Lauren Lowe took care of Joe’s former zoo.



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The second season has enough exhilarating stuff that will keep viewers glued to their screens and leave them wanting for me. But one thing that everyone wants to know is how the series ended and what happened to everyone? So, let’s dig deeper and see how the second season ended for everyone.


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‘Tiger King 2’ Ending Explained: What happened to Joe Exotic? Was he the real target and not Carole Baskin?

Well, Joe is still behind bars. He was not included in the list of names who were pardoned by former US President Donald Trump. The former zoo owner had a conversation with Netflix through a phone call and that footage is shown during the season. However, he called himself ‘Bachelor King’ as Dillon divorced him and found someone else.

Exotic has found another boyfriend from Arkansas and wants to be with him as soon as possible. Exotic has also made it clear that he wants to move away from everything that happened and start fresh. Joe admitted that he is ashamed of himself for keeping Tigers in captivity and hopes to get a second chance just like his Tigers did.


Elsewhere, Allen Glover has made an explosive revelation that Carole Baskin was never the target, it was Joe Exotic. Jeff made a plan to kill Joe and get rid of him to take everything he owned. So, according to the new affidavit filed by Allen, Jeff is now being accused of “hiring for murder.”

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‘Tiger King 2’ Ending Explained: What happened to Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe?

Since Season 1, the duo has been saying how badly Joe used to treat animals and wanted to kill Carole Baskin by hiring a hitman. In this season, he was enjoying his life until Baskin filed a lawsuit against him and wanted the zoo. Initially, nothing happened. But after some years, the court ruled in the favor of Carole and awarded the zoo to her. Jeff took his animals to his new zoo in Oklahoma.

But his life turned when Allen Glover, who was Jeff’s close friend, made it clear that it was Jeff who wanted to kill Carole and made him a pawn in this entire scheme. In the end, Carole once again followed him to his zoo in Oklahoma and reported how badly the animals were being treated. So, the officials came and took every animal from them. As soon as they felt that they had nothing, Jeff and Lauren Lowe contacted Joe’s lawyer, John. They told him that Feds wanted Joe behind bars for a ‘hire for murder’ plot. So, they now call themselves a part of ‘Team Joe’.


Jeff Lowe and Lauren Lowe in 'Tiger King' (Netflix)


However, an explosive accusation by Allen Glover has made things worse for him.

‘Tiger King 2’ Ending Explained: What happened to Tim Stark?

After a failed working relationship with Jeff, things started getting bad for Tim. Carole also got interested and wanted Tim to be behind bars. The authorities told the Attorney General of Indiana that there is something dangerous happening there and they put out a notice. So, Tim was also being investigated now and even went to court, revealing that the government is trying to malign his image. When nothing worked out, Tim Stark was found guilty of contempt of court as he flew away from Indiana. He was arrested 3 days after he left the facility.


Tim Stark in 'Tiger King' (Netflix)


‘Tiger King 2’ Ending Explained: Is the government also involved?

According to all the affidavits, recordings, and evidence, Joe’s lawyer John believes that the government was also involved in this and wanted Joe behind bars without even having strong evidence about “hiring for murder”. John revealed that the recording between James Garretson, Jeff, and Lauren Lowe, and one federal agent suggested that the Federal agent just wanted Joe behind bars for hiring for murder.

The season ended with Jeff Lowe, Lauren Lowe, James Garretson, and Allen Glover becoming a part of TEAM JOE, trying to get him out of jail.

‘Tiger King 2’ is currently streaming on Netflix.


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