Is it safe to buy tickets from Ticketmaster? 21 Pilots fans slam firm for 'messing' up tour tickets

Ticketmaster started trending on Twitter as many fans slammed the brand for not being able to send the codes to them for 21 Pilots ‘Takeover Tour’

                            Is it safe to buy tickets from Ticketmaster? 21 Pilots fans slam firm for 'messing' up tour tickets
Ticketmaster got slammed for not sending out codes for 21 Pilots tour (Photos by LinkedIn/Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

Twenty One Pilots, also stylized as 21 Pilots, had recently announced their 2021 ‘Takeover Tour’ following the release of their latest album ‘Scaled and Icy’. The tickets for their tour are available on the website of Ticketmaster. However, it looks like the loyal fan base, who were eager to attend the concerts, faced a lot of issues while booking tickets for the same as they failed to get the codes.

Ticketmaster soon started trending on Twitter as a majority of social media users slammed the company for not being able to send the codes to them. The ‘Takeover Tour’ of the duo kicks off in September 2021 and ends in June 2022. Twenty One Pilots will tour across different venues in cities like Denver, Los Angeles, Chicago, Boston, Columbus, London, and Atlanta. Lorde is another singer who most recently announced her ‘Solar Power’ 2022 tour following the announcement of her latest album ‘Solar Power’.  

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Is it safe to buy tickets from Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster first took to their official Twitter account on June 16 with much enthusiasm to announce the pre-sale of tickets for the Twenty One Pilots tour. They tweeted, “We expect demand for @twentyonepilots tickets to be overwhelming & encourage all fans to register today for the Ticket Opportunity powered by Verified Fan for your best shot at purchasing tickets.” However, when fans faced issues on the site as on June 18, they posted, “We are aware that there are issues with the site and apologize for any issue you may be experiencing. We are urgently working to resolve.” They quickly resolved the issue and shared that website was up and running for good. “The site is back up and running. Thank you for your patience while we worked to resolve this issue.”

The online ticket selling and distribution company, however, got brutally dragged on Twitter on June 22 after many fans failed to get their hands on the tour tickets. A lot of users got impatient as they did not receive the digital codes required to book their passes. Ticketmaster is a company based in Beverly Hills, California, with operations in many countries around the world. The clients usually control the events and set ticket prices and Ticketmaster then sells tickets that clients make available to them.





‘They are messing up everything’

A lot of social media users thronged to Twitter to share the issues they were facing as they mercilessly trolled Ticketmaster. One user said, “I swear ticketmaster has one intern sending out every code by hand.” Another shared, “Received a code from Ticketmaster to get twenty one pilots tickets tomorrow and I'm really excited to get locked out for an hour while it becomes sold out.” One user added, “My anxiety is so high. anytime i get a text i think it’s them and it’s just not. please ticketmaster. i cant.”
The next one posted, “Can’t even get a text back from ticketmaster smh down so bad.” Another individual stated, “Theyre probably gonna get suspended and some dm from the real ticketmaster being like “hello, please do not let out our secrets. we would only wish the worst for ticketmaster users.” One asked, “Did presale end already? Ticketmaster is saying the presale code is invalid.” Meanwhile, another noted, “Ticketmaster is going to send everyone the link to high hopes instead of a code.” One user shared, “As an anxious person i would really appreciate ticketmaster sending out my twenty one pilots presale code soon.” Echoing similar sentiments, one concluded, “Ticketmaster is just not.... not having it ig, theyre messing up everything.”