Are Twenty One Pilots releasing new music? Here's all the scoop about album as fans set up midnight campout

Fans mindblown as they notice the album name 'Scaled and Icy' is an anagram for ‘Clancy is dead'

                            Are Twenty One Pilots releasing new music? Here's all the scoop about album as fans set up midnight campout
'Scaled and Icy' by cover of Twenty One Pilots' new album which is set to release on May 31 (PopBase/Twitter,Getty Images)

After a successful record, it looks like Twenty One Pilots is set to release a new album on May 21. Through DMA ORG, fans may have discovered clues that lead to a new era for the duo, reported Tracklist on Wednesday. 

Unpublished banners were found on DMA ORG with dates and messages about a possible new era, which has since raised suspicion amongst fans. “The report violated the terms established by the Sacred Municipality of Dema and was considered to be contraband material," reads the text upon accessing the link, according to Tracklist. It adds that on hovering a cursor around the text, a promotional banner for an alleged new Twenty One Pilots album called 'Scaled and Icy', had appeared. A Twitter user shared a clip of the album's discovery on the website, "FOR THOSE THAT DONT TRUST THE NEW STUFF ABT SCALED AND ICY".


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Midnight Campout

Fans set up a Midnight Campout, staying up until midnight, eager that the new music will release sooner than expected. "If nothing happens midnight something is definitely happening morning or night Wednesday #pilotsmidnightcampout," read a tweet. However, no music has come out yet. "#pilotsmidnightcampout I’m ready to either cry because nothing happened or cry because something in between," said a fan.





'Sai is propaganda'

Fans are enrapt and coming up with all kinds of theories about the new album. "It’s spelt out for us. Scaled and Icy is propaganda," said a fan. Talking about the colorful album cover which uses a lot of pastels pink and pale blue hues, another fan adds: “Feel the saturation” but it’s a production by dema.. isn’t dema supposed to be all gray, dark, and depressing? sai is propaganda. scaled and icy is propaganda."

"This just doesn’t feel right. Dema production? BF tweets the album? Scaled and Icy = SAI Remember SAI IS PROPAGANDA They warned us. Be careful - We don’t believe what’s on TV !!" said another, referring to the theories around about the symbol on Tyler's eye being the Greek letter "Psi", on the cover of their earlier album Christmas Saves the Year. Some people thought their was a hidden message present in the background that read, "Sai is Propaganda."







Anagram for 'Clancy is Dead'

A Twitter user said: "Scaled and icy is an anagram for ‘clancy is dead’. the new twenty one pilots record may be titled ‘clancy is dead’". Another noted a resemblance to an Okinawan melee weapon also called a sai, saying: "Scaled and Icy= S.A.I looks exactly like the East is Up symbol". 







The band released their last album Trench in 2018. The website for Scaled and Icy shows a fire burning, which is making fans even more curious as they look forward to new music, hopefully soon!

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