Jefferson University Hospital shooter: One killed, 2 cops injured as suspect arrested

Jefferson University Hospital shooter: One killed, 2 cops injured as suspect arrested
The suspected gunman who opened fire at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital has been arrested after he killed one and shot at two cops (Thomas Jefferson University Hospital's website)

PHILADELPHIA: Police have arrested a suspect who opened fire at a hospital in Philadelphia in the early hours of October 4. The shooting incident happened at 12:12 am on the ninth floor of the Thomas Jefferson hospital, located on the 100 block of S. 11th Street in Center City. The gunman killed one person and shot at two police officers before being arrested. 

Shooting incidents in Pennsylvania aren't rare and we've reported on these tragedies in the past. For instance, Isiah Hampton, 25, was arrested on September 18 for shooting three people at his own baby shower. According to reports, things took a violent turn after Hampton got into an altercation with an unnamed woman over gifts at the event. In July, two people were killed and a young girl was injured in a triple shooting at a cookout in Philadelphia during the 4th of July celebrations. In March, a shooting incident took place inside a Philadelphia mall's food court leading to the death of a 21-year-old. 


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Who is the Thomas Jackson University Hospital shooter?

Cops have yet to release the name of the shooter who is described as a man wearing blue scrubs, a mask, and a black backpack. It's yet to be determined if he is related to his victim who died later from gunshot wounds. Action News reported that the suspect was able to flee from the hospital after which he hid at a U-Haul. Police were able to track his location to the city's Parkside section where a gun battle followed.

The suspect shot at two cops who returned fire. He ended up injured during this exchange, according to investigators. One officer sustained a wound in the arm while another managed to escape with just a graze to the nose. Both of them are said to be in stable condition. The suspect is hospitalized at this time and is currently admitted to the hospital. There is no word regarding his condition at the moment, we will update this article as and when there is a new development in this case.

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