Isiah Hampton: Pennsylvania man, 25, shoots 3 at baby shower after fight over gifts

Hampton allegedly got into a dispute with a woman, shoved her, before firing shots that injured 3, including a 16-year-old

                            Isiah Hampton: Pennsylvania man, 25, shoots 3 at baby shower after fight over gifts
Emergency services respond to a shooting at Kinloch Fire Department Fire Hall in Lower Burrell, Pennsylvania on September 18, 2021 (Twitter)

LOWER BURRELL, PENNSYLVANIA: 25-year-old Isiah Hampton has been arrested and charged after shooting three people during a baby shower on September 18. According to reports, Hampton turned violent after an altercation with an unnamed woman over gifts at the event, held for his soon-to-be-born child. The three victims are reportedly expected to recover from their injuries since none of them appear to be life-threatening. 

Hampton's violent actions are the latest in a string of parties turning violent. Pregnant Shanice Young was killed at a baby shower in Harlem, after she attempted to intervene in a fight on September 12. On May 9, a gunman opened fire at a birthday party in Colorado Springs, killing six. During a July 4 party in Philadelphia, two people were killed and a young girl injured after over 100 shots were fired at a cookout.


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Details on the incident leading to Hampton's arrest are sketchy at the moment. We do know he turned violent at the Kinloch Fire Department's Fire Hall in Lower Burrell over an argument about who would transport the gifts. He was arrested shortly after the incident by Lower Burrell police near the Fire Hall. He was arraigned on September 19, with bond set at  $250,000, and is next due in court on September 28.

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Who is Isiah Hampton?

Little is known about Hampton, who does not appear to have a presence on social media. We could not find a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram account linked to him. Reports indicate he is a resident of Victoria Avenue, Arnold and the event was being held for his child. It is unclear who the mother of the child is, and if she is married to Hampton. The New York Post reported, "after the shooting, Hampton fled the fire hall with his partner, but was caught nearby by police."

Hampton does not appear to have a past criminal record, we could not find any previous arrest reports or press stories about him. The incident in Lower Burrell appears to be the first time he has been arrested. On September 18, Hampton and his partner held a baby shower at the Fire Hall, when the violence broke out. Reportedly, Hampton got into an argument with another woman, which led him to become "abusive" towards the woman and shove her, after she slapped him.

Three men then intervened and attempted to get Hampton to back off, leading him to fall down. He then got up, and allegedly pulled his gun out, before firing. As a result, a 23-year-old man, a 19-year-old woman, and a 16-year-old boy were all shot. The man and teen were reportedly targeted, while Hampton told police the third was a result of an "accidental discharge", as one person wrestled the gun away from him.

Police were called to the scene, by which point Hampton and his partner fled. He was arrested minutes later without incident. Two of the victims were taken to Allegheny General Hospital in Pittsburgh and the other to Forbes Hospital in Monroeville. Hampton was charged with aggravated assault and reckless endangerment and is currently being held at the Westmoreland County Prison. It is unclear if he managed to make the $250,000 bond. 

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