'The Waltons' Homecoming' Review: CW's reboot is perfect Christmas gift for viewers

The CW reboot has all the charm of the original series and takes viewers on a journey that is so fulfilling

                            'The Waltons' Homecoming' Review: CW's reboot is perfect Christmas gift for viewers
A still from 'The Waltons' Homecoming' (The CW)

There haven’t been shows in the history of Television that managed to create an impact like ‘The Waltons’ did during the 1970s. It was one of the most-watched shows at that time and even won the Primetime Emmy Award of Outstanding Drama Series in 1974. The upcoming few weeks are going to be wholesome for people around the world, so no point in guessing that The CW thought of bringing TV’s most wholesome family back on the screen.

The Waltons are back and they are set to fill your lives with love and charm. Titled ‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’, the CW reboot revolves around The Waltons living during the Great Depression and planning to celebrate Christmas together. However, John Walton Sr. (Ben Lawson) has gone out for work and it seems he is having some difficulties in returning home. The primary focus of the TV movie is how the family’s oldest child, John Boy (Logan Shroyer), tries to help his mother in keeping the family together even when a dangerous winter storm is heading their way.


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The movie starts with The Waltons living a happy life. But things are looking bleak for everyone in Virginia because of depression. The family gets a letter from John Walton Sr. saying that he will be coming home for Christmas. Everyone is really excited to see him and starts preparing for the occasion. However, things start getting a bit intense when the family gets to know that there is a winter storm coming their way and it’s going to affect John’s journey as well. Elsewhere, we see John sitting on a bus and trying to reach his family.

The family’s oldest son John-Boy is obedient and his father expects him to follow in his footsteps. But John secretly wants to be a writer and is writing a lot of original stuff. The writing has caused some strife between father and son, John Sr. thinking writing is a silly pastime that will not help the family eat. Meanwhile, all his sisters and brothers are just like siblings ought to be, annoying yet lovable. Elsewhere, John’s wife Olivia’s anxiety is getting bad after knowing about the harsh weather. It gets even worse when she hears on the radio that a bus at Hickory Creek has gone off the road and one person has died in the accident. This is when John-Boy decides to head out and looks for his father.

A still from 'The Waltons' Homecoming' (The CW)


The best thing about the movie is that director Lev L. Spiro has kept the story simple yet so effective. That’s what the original series was about, it was all about simplicity and how family dynamics work in an era that’s been overshadowed by depression. This movie is for the newer generation to see how simplicity beats everything while for the people who have already seen the original series, they will surely be taken to the days with so much of nostalgia.

Logan Shroyer has done a phenomenal job in playing the role of John Boy. In the original series, it was Richard Thomas who played that role and made it iconic. Logan has done a good job and even though it’s really difficult to match what Richard did during the 70s, the actor never fails to impress you with his acting skills. Meanwhile, Bellamy Young as Olivia is amazing as always. Her reaction as a mother and as a wife makes her performance remarkable.

However, it’s Marcelle LeBlanc who takes your heart away with her performance as Mary Ellen Walton. She is rebellious and wants to have every privilege that her brothers are having. LeBlanc surely has an amazing future ahead in acting and it would be lovely to see her in future projects as well. On the other hand, Callaway Corrick (Elizabeth Walton), Michael Kendall Kaplan (Toby Walton), Tatum Matthews (Erin Walton), Christian Finlayson (Jason Walton), and Samuel Goergren (Jim Bob Walton) have done commendable jobs in their respective roles.

Also, it was nice hearing Richard Thomas's voice once again. It surely took everyone back to the days when he used to be the young and dynamic John-Boy.

Richard Thomas in 'The Waltons' Homecoming' (The CW)


‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’ is undoubtedly a treat for everyone in this holiday season. Despite some of its shortcomings, the movie reboot of the iconic series has all the charm of the original series and people should get together to celebrate the occasion and watch the movie to know that you should always keep your loved ones closer because "family is everything".

All in all, The CW has actually produced a Christmas miracle in making this reboot a special one. The network’s first original movie has all the charm to become a memorable experience. Go and watch this sweet little movie.

‘The Waltons’ Homecoming’ is currently available on The CW.