‘The Voice’ Season 21: Who is Bubba? Gay singer fails to impress judges, fans question ‘song choice’

Jasmine Mills and Lucas O’Reilly were other two contestants who faced disappointment during their blind auditions on episode three

                            ‘The Voice’ Season 21: Who is Bubba? Gay singer fails to impress judges, fans question ‘song choice’
Bubba on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

The third round of the ‘The Voice’ Season 21 blind auditions saw singers like Hailey Mia, Holly Forbes, Jeremy Rosado, and Carson Peters among a few others easily sailing to the next round after they managed to serenade the judges with their skilled vocals. However, not all got lucky as there were few who had to head back home after they failed to impress the judges.

Jasmine Mills and Lucas O’Reilly were two contestants who faced disappointment during their blind auditions. Bubba, a 26-year-old singer from Buffalo, New York, was another crooner who failed to win a spot in ‘The Voice’ Season 21. Bubba decided to display his singing skills with the song, ‘How Am I Supposed to Live Without You’ by Michael Bolton, but neither of the coaches namely Blake Shelton, Ariana Grande, John Legend, and Kelly Clarkson turned their big red chairs for the singer.
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Who is Bubba?

Bubba hails from New York and is a passionate musician. In his montage shown on the reality show, he revealed that he was gay which he was not aware for a long time until he finally addressed his feelings. Bubba also spoke about his job as that of a hairstylist saying that he does not want to do hair for the rest of his life. The aspiring singer concluded that he hopes to sing full time.
Speaking of his performance, none of the judges turned around as they felt an issue with this pitch and wrong key. While addressing the singer after his performance ended, Ariana asserted that he needed to work on his pitch carefully selecting when to go big. The global pop star added that Bubba seemed “fatigued” at the end of the song as he did a lot at the top. Echoing similar sentiments, John Legend shared his valuable opinion, saying Bubba had the raw material but he lacked experience.  



‘Bubba’s song choice wasn’t best suited’

While a few social media users got stunned after he was not picked, others asked him to come back and try for the next season. “I’m so proud of you Bubba Sparkling heart I love you”, said one user as another tweeted, “I cannot believe that Bubba on the Voice, was not chosen by any so called professional performers! I was in another room when he started singing. Sure a drummer messed up the transition. His soul and heart better than even Michael Bolton. Someone save that (Glowing star).”
The next one added, “Sorry Bubba that wasn't good enough.” Whereas, one user posted, “I think #Bubba’s song choice in the #VoiceBlinds wasn’t best suited imo on #TheVoice” One person shared, “Bubba HE should come back too nbc the voice show” and one added, “#Bubba there's always next year!! And the Voice isn't the only road to success. Best of luck.” While, one user concluded, “Bubba had a surprising sound for his look, such intensity. He wandered here and there with the pitch and didn’t get a turn. Too bad.”









‘The Voice’ Season 21 airs on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 pm PT/ET on NBC.

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