'The Voice': Fans say Shadale and Ryleigh were 'robbed AF' after their elimination

'The Voice': Fans say Shadale and Ryleigh were 'robbed AF' after their elimination
Shadale and Ryleigh Plank in 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)

Over the past few weeks fans have formed a pretty strong bond with the performers on 'The Voice' Season 21. Learning about their backstories, watching them learn and grow under the mentorship of their coaches was an absolute delight for fans. So, when it's eliminations time, it never gets easy to bid goodbye to our favorite performers despite watching eliminations week after week.

The recently aired episode of the hit singing competition show featured the results of the audience votes on who they would like to see on the Top 11 performers list. The previous episode featured the Top13 performers putting on their best performance in hopes of securing the audience vote and moving on to the next round aka Top 11. After watching all the amazing performances, the audience cast their votes for their favorite performances. The audience decided to save- Girl Named Tom (Team Kelly), Jershika Maple (Team Legend), Holly Forbes (Team Ariana), Joshua Vacanti (Team Legend), Jim & Sasha Allen (Team Ariana) and Paris Winningham (Team Blake), Jeremy Rosado (Team Kelly), Hailey Mia (Team Kelly) and Lana Scott (Team Blake). This left Gymani (Team Kelly), Shadale (Team Legend), and Ryleigh Plank(Team Ariana) at the risk of elimination.


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Gymani on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)


These three talented performers were presented with one last opportunity to continue their journey by competing for the instant save vote from the audience. The three ladies will have to sing a song of their choice, and then the audience would be given a small window of five minutes to cast their vote for their favorite performance. Whichever performance gets the highest votes gets to stay, while the other two performers will be sent home.

Gymani, Ryleigh, and Shadale, once again put an impeccable performance, but the audience love Gymani's performance the most. So Gymani ended up getting the instant save vote, while Ryleigh and Shadale's journey in the competition came to an end. While fans were happy for Gyamni's well-deserved save, they were also pretty upset to see Ryleigh and Shadale leave. A fan tweeted, "I can’t accept that Americans voted for the duo and not for ryleigh, what’s going wrong with y’all #TheVoice." Another fan wrote, "It’s the voter’s fault that we lost Ryleigh and Shadale and the fact that Gymani and the rest of them had to fight to be an instant save cause none of them supposed to be in that position #TheVoice." "Ryleigh & Shadele hate that people vote for average men on this show none of y'all are seeing heaven #TheVoice," added a fan




Ryleigh Plank on 'The Voice' Season 21 (NBC)


Another fan shared, "LETS GO GYNAMI. SHADALE ROBBED AF SAME WITH RYLEIGH #TheVoice." "Shadale & Ryleigh will be missed tho #TheVoice," expressed a fan. "The fact that Sasha is singing next week over Shadale is not sitting right with me. #TheVoice," commented a fan.




Shadale on 'The Voice' (NBC)


'The voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC. 

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