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'The Voice' Battles 2022: John Legend upsets fans by picking Emma Brooke as winner over Nia Skyfer

'I would totally steal nia, here voice is amazing!! #TheVoice,' wrote a fan
Nia Skyfer, John Legend, and Emma Brooke on 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)
Nia Skyfer, John Legend, and Emma Brooke on 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)

UNIVERSAL CITY, CALIFORNIA: When John Legend decided to pair Nia Skyfer against Emma Brooke for 'The Voice' Season 22's battles round, little did he know what he was getting himself into. The celebrity coach decided to pit the two artists against each other despite their vastly different styles and approach towards music. While Emma leans more towards classical music, Nia is all about pop.

So, the battles round between the duo elicited a lot of strong reactions from 'The Voice' fans. For the battles song, John picked Tate McRae's 'She's all I wanna be'. Under the mentorship of battle advisor Jazmine Sullivan and John, the duo rehearsed thoroughly. During the rehearsals, Emma was encouraged to give the audience a peek of her personality by connecting to the song and tapping into her emotions, on the other hand, Nia was lauded for her showmanship although her vocals seemed to be bouncing between genres.When it was finally time to perform before the coaches, the duo gave it their best shot.


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You can check out Nia Skyfer and Emma Brooke's 'The Voice' Battles performance here:


When it was time for John to pick the winner of the battle, he decided to go with Emma over Nia, as she possessed great vocals. 'The Voice' fans were unimpressed with the EGOT winner's decision to pick Emma over Nia. Several fans took to Twitter and the show's YouTube clip of the performance to point out how Nia waa complete package with her great stage presence and star like quality, unlike Emm who despite having great vocals showed little to no personality onstage. 

A fan tweeted, "John mulls it over -- but gives the win to Emma (they were BOTH great) -- Nia goes off-stage, but DOESN'T get saved or stolen (they're letting go of a LOT of talent, sheesh) #TheVoice #VoiceBattles." "I would totally steal nia, here voice is amazing!! #TheVoice," wrote a fan. "@johnlegend #TheVoice sad to see nia go," declared a fan. "@johnlegend wtf is wrong with u not picking @niaskyfer ??!! (@gwenstefani STEAL NIA!) #TeamLegend #TheVoice," wrote a fan.





Nika Skyfer on 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)
Nika Skyfer on 'The Voice' Season 22 (NBC)

Another fan commented, "Nia should have won. She is more exciting to watch. Emma is also very good not discounting her but her voice felt more smooth, girlish and introvert." "Uhmmm... I would've picked Nia. There's something special about her. I wouldn't say Emma's was cleaner, I would say notes were hit and tone was beautiful and for Nia, I wouldn't just say she was just energetic. I would say she was passionate," shared a fan. " "That's the problem of the voice, they never choose the whole possible package. They just think about the belting stuff and that's why the winners never get that famous. Cause to be an artist in this industry is more than just hit high notes. I think Nia has a quality star more than Emma," pointed out a fan. "Nia is the whole package. Emma has that classical belty voice. She was soaring on those high notes, but Nia has that star dust. The fit, her distinct voice, her stage presence! She has this pop punk sound that is just so good and it enjoyed so much emotional because it is so raw. She actually gives me Gwen down in her stage presence. However, I felt Emma was gonna win due to every talking about how mature her voice is. John has really been going with the point of picking their vocalist hands down. I get it, itโ€™s called the voice, but I think โ€œThe Voiceโ€ is very much a fixed term and they are of course looking for that whole package. Iโ€™m shook Nia was not stolen or something. She is a beast. I could totally see America falling in love with her. Nobody is singing the music she is either. Ugh Iโ€™m peeved!" expressed a fan.

'The Voice' Season 22 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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