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'The Voice' 2022 Blind Auditions: Who is Robert 'Kique' Gomez? Cabello and Legend want Stefani to be his coach

Another great audition on 'The Voice' Season 22 as Gwen Stefani earns herself a stellar team member with the help of fellow judges
Robert 'Kique' Gomez, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello and John Legend on Episode 5 of 'The Voice' Season 22
Robert 'Kique' Gomez, Gwen Stefani, Camila Cabello and John Legend on Episode 5 of 'The Voice' Season 22

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As 'The Voice' Season 22 continues with its blind auditions, Episode 5 of the show has another stellar audition from a talented contestant. This time, it's Miami-based Robert Kique Gomez. And judges John Legend and Camila Cabello were all for the young singer to be on fellow judge Gwen Stefani's team.

'The Voice' always has its fair share of intriguing and hilarious moments, and Season 22 seems to have plenty. As Kique belted out his version of 'Beautiful Girls' by Sean Kingston, plenty of hilarity ensued as judges Blake Shelton and Gwen both turned for the artist. But in a comedic turn of events, the other two judges, Camila and John, both sided with Gwen on this one leaving Blake heartbroken. But in their defence, Blake also misheard Kique's Cuban roots as human roots.
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Who is Robert 'Kique' Gomez?

Robert 'Kique' Gomez is a Cuban singer from Miami. He loves reptiles and has owned everything from Lizards to turtles. Kique also has an intense love for music and labels himself bisexual. He went to an all-catholic boys' school. On 'The Voice' Season 22, Kique auditioned with Sean Kingston's 'Beautiful Girls' but added his own twist to the song. Kique's audition earned him two chair turns from couple Gwen and Blake, who both fought hard for him. While Camila was ecstatic to learn the singer was from Miami, she regretted not turning for him. John praised the singer's soulful and interesting version of the song. The two went on to vouch for fellow judge Gwen as Kique's best coach, much to Blake's exasperation.

In the end, the singer chose Gwen. While there was plenty of mispronunciation of his name, fans too think Gwen will be a great coach, with many praising the singer. One commented on the Youtube video of his audition, saying, "Kique's voice sounds great and timeless on this song". Another wrote, "What a song choice! Did not expect it would turn out that good! A fan wrote, "Wow new version for me good job for soul full voice..” One said, β€œNever heard a Sean Kingston song sung this great." Another wrote, "such a sweet and rich vocal. Nice clean high and also some full lower notes. Some pretty good melody changes." And one loved him so much to write, "Those melodic choices are fire. His musicality shines through in this performance. One of my favorite auditions this season"


'The Voice' Season 21 airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7c on NBC.

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