'The Tomorrow War' Ending Explained: Does Chris Pratt manage to save humans from extinction?

'The Tomorrow War' Ending Explained: Does Chris Pratt manage to save humans from extinction?
Chris Pratt as Dan Forester in 'The Tomorrow War' (Amazon Prime Video)

Spoilers for 'The Tomorrow War' 

The Tomorrow War’ has finally made its way to Amazon Prime Video and is certainly going to win hearts. The reviews range from mixed to positive, but it is all about seeing your favorite movie and filling your lives with entertainment when the entire world seems to be collapsing due to the pandemic. Set in two different timelines, the movie shows a group of time-travelers delivering an urgent message that stuns the entire world. Thirty years in the future, humankind is losing a global war against an unknown alien species. The only hope for the survival of mankind is for soldiers and civilians from the present year to be transported to the future and join the fight.

The film’s main protagonist Dan Forester played by Chris Pratt, is among those who have been recruited and if he chose to fly away from the responsibility, he and his entire family will be put behind bars. Forester makes the hard decision of leaving his wife Lily (Betty Gilpin) and Muri (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) and helps the future generation to win the war.


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The leader of the command in the future is played by Yvonne Strahovski. The entire premise of the movie is to kill the alien species by making a cure out of their most powerful warrior. Do Pratt and Strahovski manage to save the world? Let’s see what happens at the end of the movie.


Yvonne Strahovski as Vicky Winslow in 'The Tomorrow War' (Photo by Frank Masi/ Amazon Studios)


'The Tomorrow War' Ending Explained

The final moments of the movie see Forester (Pratt) and the leader of the command (Strahovski) managing to capture a female from the alien species. They take her away in-between an ambush by a male alien. The female alien is sedated while Strahovski takes the sample of her blood to make a cure from the ampoules that were successfully retrieved from the lab during the start. The duo manages to get a 100% bond with one of the vials and it’s now up to them to create a cure. But there’s a catch, there are no facilities available in 2051 where they can make the cure.


Chris Pratt as Dan Forester and Yvonne Strahovski as the leader of the Romeo Command in 'The Tomorrow War' (Amazon Prime Video)

Strahovski decides to send Pratt back into the past and give the cure to the military so that a cure can be made and these aliens are killed before they wreak havoc across the globe. However, their headquarters is ambushed by the male species and they free their leader. An epic fight sequence sees soldiers and aliens fighting for their respective purposes. During the fight, Strahovski’s character gets brutally injured and dies as Pratt returns to the current timeline.


A still from 'The Tomorrow War' (Amazon Prime Video)

When he returns, he is not the usual Forester. A lot has changed and the soldiers believe that the war is lost because the jump link is destroyed. Upon his return, Forester tells everything that happened in the future and his wife tells him that maybe they are looking in the wrong country to save the world. He takes the vial to Gator (Sam Richardson) and he says that it is made up of volcanic ash, which leads them to Russia.

They believe that they landed on Earth long back and they crawled up the land when they saw that the situation is perfect. Pratt and a team of soldiers fly to Russia with the help of his father James Forester (JK Simmons). The group manages to find the spaceship and to their horror, there is an entire colony of White Spikes. Pratt and the team kill a good amount of aliens in their sleep but the others wake up and attack them. Some of the soldiers stay inside while Pratt is told to go out and chase the female leader who has escaped the spaceship. Soldiers sacrifice themselves by blowing up the ship and the entire colony is dead.


Female Alien in 'The Tomorrow War' (Amazon Prime Video)

Meanwhile, the female leader is at large and with only three members remaining, it is getting hard for humans to survive. A final batter between Forester, James, and the mother alien take place on snow and the humans have managed to control her. But still, she is alive. James sees that the female version is about to kill his son, James tries to sacrifice himself for his son but Forester interferes and kills the alien. Forester, James and Sam return to their families and Forester believes that his future was in front of him and it was his family.

The conclusion of the film suggests that the war has been stopped and mankind has managed to escape extinction. But filmmakers are really creative these days and they might find a way to work a sequel around it. So, it won’t come as a shock to us if a sequel is announced.

‘The Tomorrow War’ is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video.


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