How did Chris Pratt lose weight? Inside 'The Tomorrow War' star's drastic body transformation

How did Chris Pratt lose weight? Inside 'The Tomorrow War' star's drastic body transformation
Drastic body transformation of Chris Pratt from 'Park and Recreation' dad bod to being lean and ripped (YouTube/Body Transformation, Instagram/@prattprattpratt)

Chris Pratt is undoubtedly one of the most famous stars in the world right now. Over the years, he has given many scintillating performances in various movies and TV shows that he has appeared on. His journey in the entertainment industry went upwards after he bagged the role in ‘Parks and Recreation’. The actor garnered a lot of praise for his role and received nominations at various award ceremonies.

However, there was one thing plaguing his career and it was his body. The actor gained a lot of weight before making it big in the industry. While playing the character of Andy in ‘Parks and Recreation’, the actor rounded out at 300 pounds. As a result, he went on to lose many roles in various projects including Peter Quill/Star-Lord in ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’.


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Speaking with Men’s Health UK in 2015, Pratt admitted that he would eat three burgers at every read and got really fat. He said, “I saw myself in an episode of 'Parks and Rec' and in a matter of two moments very close together, I thought, 'Oh my God, I'm getting fat’. And then almost immediately I did something else and I thought, 'Holy crap, I've never seen myself funnier.' And I put the two together.”


Vince Vaughn (as David Wozniak) and Chris Pratt (as Brett) star in 'Delivery Man' (Disney)

“I would eat four burgers at every read. I became really fat and got up to almost 300 pounds. I had real health issues that were affecting me in a major way,” Pratt added.

But we all know how being fat can bring a lot of difficult situations for a person. Being obese can be really dangerous for the heart, body, skin, and the entire human system. Pratt thought of losing weight and was successful in doing so for ‘Zero Dark Thirty’. But the journey was not simple, as soon as the premiere date for the movie arrived the actor gained it back for his role in ‘Parks and Recreation’.


Chris Pratt as Andy Dwyer in 'Parks and Recreation' (NBC)

The extra pounds did not translate into any happiness for the star, who admitted that he became impatient and emotionally depressed and had a lot of major health issues at a time when he was starting to get really good roles. It was after seeing himself in ‘Zero Dark Thirty’, he pledged that he won’t get fat again and transform into a better version of himself.

The best thing happened to Pratt when he was asked to play the role of Peter Quill/Star-Lord in ‘Guardian of the Galaxy’. The role demanded him to be ripped and a superhero. So, his road to transformation became a bit easy for him.


How did he lose weight for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’?

In 2014, Pratt nearly broke the internet when he uploaded a shirtless photo on Instagram, showing off a chiseled frame and six-pack abs. The actor would go on to take help from personal trainer Duffy Gaver and nutritionist Phil Goglia to start his weight-loss journey. His workout sessions included running, boxing, swimming, kick-boxing, and even a triathlon.




Apart from the aforementioned routine, the actor also had detailed rundowns of his back, biceps, and abs workout. His routine also had a Cardio Power Circuit workout. This was all he used to do while training for the Marvel movie.

This was Pratt’s workout routine: Warm up by stretching and 10 minutes of jogging on the treadmill; 5 sets of pull-ups and pull-downs; 4 sets of Hammer Strength Row; 4 sets of Hevey Dumbell Row; 4 sets of Barbell Curl; 3 sets of Hammer Curl; 3 sets of Reverse Curl; 3 sets of planks for 20 seconds each; 3 sets of Hanging Leg Raise and 3 sets of sit-ups.

Apart from all the grueling workout sessions, he also started eating right. His entire diet was revamped and he took 4,000 calories a day, adding lots and lots of water. The actor understood that successfully transforming your body is all about the little choices. He said, “I eat that hamburger and that’s 1,200 calories, and I’m gonna work out tomorrow and burn 800 calories. I may as well eat a salad here, still do that workout, and then I’m actually making progress.”


Chris Pratt as Peter Quill/Star-Lord in 'Guardian of the Galaxy' (Marvel)


He lost more than 60 pounds in six months for his role in ‘GOTG’.

Pratt further opened up to Men's Health to admit he lost 35lb in six weeks by running “five or six miles a day, eating leafy green salads and protein shakes and cutting out all alcohol”.

The actor hasn’t looked back since then and gets ripped for every move that he does. For his upcoming movie, titled ‘The Tomorrow War’, Pratt lost almost 16 pounds for his role. Pratt plays a teacher in the movie, who gets transported to the future for a fight that humans are losing.

The actor documented his weight loss on Instagram and revealed that he already is 12 pounds down and will be going for more. As soon as the first-look picture dropped on social media, we got to know that he wasn’t kidding. He looks at his ultimate best in the movie and is doing many action sequences where he is showing his flexibility and physical strength.


Chris Pratt in 'The Tomorrow War' (Amazon Studios)


Pratt’s journey has been really inspiring and it shows if someone wants to achieve anything and he or she definitely can by being really disciplined about it.

‘The Tomorrow War’ premieres exclusively on Amazon Prime Video on July 2.


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