'The Secrets She Keeps' Full Cast List: Meet Zoe Cramond, Emily Miceli and rest of the stars of Lifetime movie

'The Secrets She Keeps' Full Cast List: Meet Zoe Cramond, Emily Miceli and rest of the stars of Lifetime movie
Emily Miceli stars in 'The Secrets She Keeps' (Youtube)

Dating can be quite a minefield, and for a teenager even more so. 'The Secrets She Keeps' centers around 16-year-old Amara (Emily Miceli) who pretends to be 18 and uses a dating app to find a boyfriend. Not surprisingly, Amara's mother (Zoe Cramond) disapproves and with good reason, as her daughter's new boyfriend turns out to be every mother's worst nightmare. Amara's mother must then use all the resources at her disposal to save her daughter. 

'The Secrets She Keeps' is a part of Lifetime's summer slate which follows the theme 'Summer of Secrets' focusing on stories of secrecy and deception.


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Emily Miceli and Keller Fornes star in 'The Secrets She Keeps' (Instagram@lifetimetv)


Zoe Cramond as Diane

Zoe Cramond, who hails from New Zealand, had her first major role on the Australian Dramedy 'Packed to the Rafters'. In 'The Secrets She Keeps', Diane plays the mother of 16-year-old Amara, who is keen to explore the world of romance. Amara is particularly keen after seeing her mother embark on a new relationship as well, but Amara's need for romance leads to her mother's worst nightmare. Cramond has quite a multitude of talents off screen as well. She's not only a skilled surfer, but also has dancing skills which she showed off on 'Dancing With The Stars'. Cramond is also known for her role as Amy Williams on the popular Australian soap 'Neighbours'. Cramond is rumored to be dating 'Ginny & Georgia' star Felix Mallard


Zoe Cramond stars in 'The Secrets She Keeps' (Getty Images)

Emily Miceli as Amara

Emily Miceli plays 16-year-old Amara who is keen to start dating, especially after her mother also embarks on a new relationship. However pretending to be 18 and looking for love on a dating app sounds like a really bad idea for Amara and her mother Diane. Prior to 'The Secrets She Keeps', Miceli was known for her roles in 'Marcia', a film that revolves around a woman and her traumatic past. Miceli's other notable role was in the comedy 'Lady Of The Manor'.


Emily Miceli stars in 'The Secrets She Keeps' (IMDB)

Keller Fornes as Shane 

Keller Fornes is not just an actor but a director as well, based out of Atlanta, Georgia. 'The Secrets She Keeps' seems to be a breakthrough role for Fornes who has been interested in acting and directing from a young age. In 'The Secrets She Keeps', Fornes plays Shane, the match Amara makes on a dating app that leads to disastrous consequences. 



Who are the other stars?

The other stars of 'The Secrets She Keeps' include John William Wright and Rick Perez. 



'The Secrets She Keeps' is directed by Damián Romay and written by Samuel Hayes and Dave Hickey. You can catch 'The Secrets She Keeps' on Monday, May 31, at 10/9c on Lifetime.

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