'Sorority Sister Killer' Full Cast List: Meet Sarah Fisher, Paige Kriet, Lani Randol and rest of the stars on Lifetime's thriller

For Lacey Wiles, college takes a dark turn when her best friend Tara, is brutally murdered

                            'Sorority Sister Killer' Full Cast List: Meet Sarah Fisher, Paige Kriet, Lani Randol and rest of the stars on Lifetime's thriller
Paige Kriet plays Tara, Sarah Fisher plays Lacey Wiles and Lani Randol plays Courtney in Lifetime's 'Sorority Sister Killer' (Instagram)

When one thinks of college, it's hard not to conjure up images of meeting new people, partying, and having the time of your life. College years are meant to be fun and exciting. But what if it took a dark turn for the worst when you least expected it?

Enter Lacey Wiles, a young, bright-eyed, freshman ready to start college with her best friend Tara. But what is supposed to be the most exciting time of her life turns into what can only be described as her worst nightmare. Watch as mystery and horror unfold in Lifetime's 'Sorority Sister Killer.'

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As per the official Lifetime synopsis -- 'Lacey, a beautiful college freshman, is beyond excited to be rushing Kappa with her best friend Tara, until an initiation hazing goes too far and Lacey walks out on them, pledging to another house. Despite the incident, Tara stays with Kappa, a choice that strongly tests the two friends. Soon after, tragedy strikes when Tara suffers a horrific and mysterious death at a frat party. The Kappa sorority turns against Lacey, accusing her of murder. Her mother, Britney, who was once a Kappa sister, battles to clear her daughter’s name. The nightmare escalates when Lacey gets charged by the police for the crime, forcing both mother and daughter to track down the real sorority sister killer that has made them a target.'


Sarah Fisher

Fisher plays the role of Lacey Wiles, in 'Sorority Sister Killer.' A Canadian actress, Fisher is best known for her role as 'Becky Baker' on the award-winning Canadian Drama 'Degrassi.' Fisher trained at Armstrong Acting Studio in Toronto and Second City, and at the Ivana Chubbuck Studio in LA. Her other works include 'Kiss & Cry,' '#Roxy,' CBC's 'Heartland,' 'Stepchild,' 'Skin,' 'Precious Things and 'Stickman.'

René Ashton

Ashton plays the role of Britney, Lacey's mother and a former Kappa sorority sister. Ashton is both an actress and a producer and has worked in series such as 'This Is Us,' 'Westworld,' and 'NCIS: Los Angeles.'

Paige Kriet

Kreit plays the role of Tara, Lacey's best friend. The two are close, however, Tara's mysterious murder is what sets off the plot of the story, seeing that Lacey is accused of the crime. Kreit is known for her roles in 'Vindication,' 'Dance Like Me,' and 'Texoma.'

Lani Randol

Randol takes on the role of Courtney in 'Sorority Sister Killer'. Randol is an actress and a social media influencer. She has been a part of the short film 'Lachesism' in 2021 (2020) and was also on NBC's 'Deal or No Deal' back in 2005.

According to Famous Bithdays, she's worked for brands such as Exit Peru, Neiman Marcus, Caycee Black, where she was a model for them. With 399k followers on Instagram, she has a rather active and strong social media presence.

Tyler Lain

Lain is also a part of the cast of 'Sorority Sister Killer,' where he plays the role of Lex. As an actor, he's worked on several projects, including 'Bobbi Kristina' and 'The 404.' He also had a recurring role on 'Animal Kingdom,' where he played the role of Young Rick.

'Sorority Sister Killer' premieres on Lifetime on May 16, 2021, at 8/7c. 

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