'Ginny & Georgia': Who does Ginny lose her virginity to? Here's why she keeps it a secret from BFF Maxine

'Ginny & Georgia': Who does Ginny lose her virginity to? Here's why she keeps it a secret from BFF Maxine
'Ginny & Georgia' stars Felix Mallard and Antonia Gentry (Netflix)

Season One of 'Ginny & Georgia' starts with Ginny saying that since her mother had her at 15, she got the sex talk at seven. Ginny says it was an effective sex talk since she's still a virgin. Ginny says that according to her mother, there are two things you can get from sex — passion and power. Georgia also says that you better make sure you're getting at least one.

Despite having such a wise mother, the beginning of Season 1 of 'Ginny & Georgia' sees Ginny as a teenager still struggling to come out of her shell. This all changes when Ginny moves with her mother Georgia and brother Austin to the posh town of Wellsbury. Here there are plenty of firsts waiting for Ginny.


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'Ginny & Georgia' stars Antonia Gentry and Brianne Howey (Netflix) 

Ginny notices her new neighbor Marcus on her very first night in town and subsequently strikes up a friendship with Marcus' twin sister Maxine, who becomes her new best friend almost immediately. One day when Ginny is hanging out at Maxine's house, she and Marcus have a moment. In order to impress Marcus, Ginny jumps on Marcus' bike and takes it for a spin. Marcus is furious but Ginny seizes the moment and quickly kisses him. Georgia witnesses all of this and is furious with Ginny for being so irresponsible. Georgia is terrified that Ginny will end up exactly like her, pregnant at 15. 

Ginny however doesn't tell Marcus' sister Maxine about the fact that she kissed her brother. In fact, Maxine even does her best to help a romance blossom between Ginny and the very cool Hunter Chen. Maxine helps Ginny get ready for her first date ever, all the while oblivious that Ginny has kissed her brother. 

'Ginny & Georgia' stars Antonia Gentry and Mason Temple (Netflix)

The date with Hunter Chen is sweet and wholesome, but it ends rather awkwardly with a stiff hug. When Ginny gets back from her date, Marcus crawls up to the window of Ginny's room. He tells her that Maxine can't keep talking about how perfect Ginny and Hunter are and he can't stop thinking about her. While Ginny initially is horrified that Marcus has crawled through her window, she succumbs to the chemistry the two obviously share and Ginny and Marcus have sex.

What we learn later in the show is that it is not just Ginny's first time, it's also Marcus' first time, which possibly explains the extreme awkwardness the two show. Marcus later tells Ginny that he didn't tell her it was his first time because he wanted Ginny to think he was cool. However, after their first encounter, Marcus quickly distances himself from Ginny. Marcus tells Ginny that she should keep this private as he doesn't want his casual girlfriend Padma learning about this. In a cutting statement, he doesn't think Ginny should ruin her chances with Hunter. Ginny is devastated that her first time has ended so badly. It's even worse that she can't talk to her friends, especially Maxine, about it. Season 1 sees Ginny almost spill the beans to Padma that she and Marcus slept together but at the last minute she thinks better of it.

At the end of Season 1 Episode 1, Ginny says she always thought that when the time came for her to have sex she would want passion because passion is hot. But then she goes on to say you only want passion till you've been burned and then power starts to look good. It seems like at least some of Georgia's advice is being taken seriously.

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