'The Red Sleeve Cuff' teaser: 2PM's Junho to appear in sageuk drama after Taecyeon

Junho is the second 2PM member to be cast in a historical K-drama, MBC shares sneak-peek of his character in 'The Red Sleeve Cuff'

                            'The Red Sleeve Cuff' teaser: 2PM's Junho to appear in sageuk drama after Taecyeon
Junho to star in the historical K-drama 'The Red Sleeve Cuff' (@mbcdrama_now/Instagram)

Sageuk dramas like ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ are historical or period K-dramas where the plots are usually set in ancient Korean historical eras like the Joseon Dynasty. Other than the cute rom-coms and action K-dramas that are widely made, sageuk is yet another popular genre that viewers love. It is received as an element of fantasy as the actors don traditional outfits, speak the ancient dialect and film in exotic sets and locations of palaces and forests. This is probably why Hottests (2PM’s fandom) are excited that both Junho and Taecyeon are in such dramas.

Other than being part of one of the most iconic boy groups, the members of 2PM are also branching out. We even have an actor line as Taecyeon was the villain in the hit K-drama ‘Vincenzo’ and Chansung was in ‘So I Married An Anti-Fan’ alongside Girls’ Generations’ Sooyoung in 2021. Taecyeon is yet again cast in the comedy sageuk drama ‘Inspector Joy’. And MBC had announced that Junho would be the lead in ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ even before he had been discharged from the military in March 2021.

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Se-young and Junho in 'The Red Sleeve Cuff' (@mbcdrama_now/Instagram)

‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ shares a sneak-peek of Junho

Having made his acting debut with the K-drama ‘Memory’ in 2016, Junho is an idol-actor with several acting credits under his belt. His last drama was in 2019 after which he enlisted in the military. Having finished his service and making a comeback with his group 2PM in 2021, Junho is ready to act again. He is the protagonist King Jeong-jo aka Crown Prince San in MBC’s ‘The Red Sleeve Cuff’ that will air November 5 onwards every Friday and Saturday at 10 pm KST (9 am ET). One can watch it on MBC’s channel and the ViU app.

Se-young in 'The Red Sleeve Cuff' (@mbcdrama_now/Instagram)


As the broadcast date is nearing, MBC has shared a sneak-peek of the drama by releasing stills of Junho looking dashing in royal robes as he stares at his love interest, a court lady played by Lee Se-young. Se-young is a former child actress and is known for her roles in dramas like ‘Kairos’, ‘The Crowned Clown’ and ‘Hit The Top. The ‘Red Sleeve Cuff’ is a bitter romance as the Crown Prince goes to extreme lengths to be with the one he loves as he becomes king.

Junho in 'The Red Sleeve Cuff' (@mbcdrama_now/Instagram)


Based on the novel of the same name, it is a record of a real king -- King Jeong-jo who led the new renaissance of the Joseon Dynasty. But instead of marrying the court lady, he wanted to make her a concubine as he puts his nation above his love. Se-young plays the courageous court lady Seong Deok-im who does not want to become a royal concubine despite loving the King. But in reality, she did end up taking the King’s offer and became the Royal Noble Consort Ui. The drama will follow their blooming romance and the decisions that lead up to Deok-im becoming a consort.

'Break my heart'

Hottests are excited as they made tweets like, “Look at their height difference and the way they are looking at each other, aahghhdbd I’m so excited to see these two act together I already know it’s gonna be bitter sweet but, Junho does sad roles so good This drama will properly break my heart but I’m ready.” Another added, “Official poster for junho's drama??? LETS GO.” Fans were also overjoyed that they would be getting Taecyeon and Junho’s dramas at the same time, “So I've read that Taec's drama is a historical comedy and Junho's drama is a historical romance and it's a bit serious one (?) so I guess Hottests will laugh and cry this November.”




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