'RHOA' Season 14: Kandi slammed for making co-stars wear 'vibrating panties' to Broadway play

'RHOA' Season 14: Kandi slammed for making co-stars wear 'vibrating panties' to Broadway play
Kandi Burruss in 'RHOA' Season 14 (Bravo)

Kandi packs little goodie bags for her female guests as she gathers her co-stars to attend her Broadway play in New York. However, after viewing June 5 episode, fans are perplexed by Kandi's suggestion that her co-stars wear "vibrating panties" to her show.

Kandi brings her whole cast, including their husbands, to New York for her Broadway production, 'Thoughts of a Colored Person.' In reality, it is the first Broadway play written and directed by, and starring Black men. It explores Blackness in America via the lives of seven guys who all reside in the same Brooklyn neighborhood. Kandi made it a point to ensure that as many people as possible saw the project while she was involved with it.


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Kandi Burruss giving out instructions to the other cast memebers in 'RHOA' Season 14 (Bravo)

She gave each of the ladies a vibrating panty and urged them to wear it to the play with the controller given to somebody else, to make their stay in New York more memorable. Some ladies liked the game, while others detested it. Marlo tells Kandi before the play that she thinks Kandi and her amorous escapades are a bit too much at times. She notes that, while it is Kandi's business, she cannot expect people to walk around in public wearing her gift while the remote controller is given to someone else. Kandi claims it's simply a game to lighten up everyone's mood, even though most of the gang seemed to disagree.

As the ladies prepare for the play, Kandi offers a brief verbal demonstration of how to use her gift on FaceTime and asks them to bring their remote control with them. While Kandi, Sanya, Drew, and Kenya all wear theirs, things get out of hand with Sanya's present. The vibrator's remote control seemed to have control over other devices in the same range.

This, while depicted as amusement, did not sit well with some fans. One viewer wrote: "So wait a minute @Kandi I’m supposed to give my man the remote to some vibrating panties that has a piece I put in my Coochie and go to a broadway play and sit still and quietly?! That’s supposed to be fun". Another person wrote: "No I’m not playing a game where my husband is buzzing somebody else’s panties. What’s wrong with Kandi fr #RHOA".



Kenya makes it clear in a confessional that she will not be wearing vibrating underwear around other people's men. Kenya compares the circumstance to Stanley Kubrick's classic 'Eyes Wide Shut,' the greatest and most horrific Christmas film of all time, when Shereé complains about discomfort from wearing the underwear during the play. She wonders how a random individual can control the device that may be deemed indecent. Shereé admits that she wore the panties just to be a "team player." Fans, like Kenya and others, were perplexed by Kandi's choice to make them wear such a thing to a play about the "vibrant inner life of being Black, proud, and thriving in the twenty-first century."

Viewers took to social media with concerns, as one tweeted: "I still don’t understand why Kandi want the women wearing vibrating panties to a play about black mens trauma #RHOA". Many people wonder why Kandi would propose a game that involves wearing a sex toy around people, notably your friends' husbands. One person wrote: "I’ve always admired Kandi’s sex positivity, but I’m with Marlo on this one. Asking women to wear vibrating panties in public around their friend’s husbands is inappropriate. #RHOA". Kandi herself took to Twitter after the episode aired to share her opinions amid the social media uproar. She wrote: "I was just trying to add some fun to the trip. Some of y’all too uptight! You need some @BedroomKandi vibrating panties for real! http://BedroomKandi.com #RHOA".




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