'RHOA' Season 14: Drew berates Sanya's sex life, gets called out by the fans

'RHOA' Season 14: Drew berates Sanya's sex life, gets called out by the fans
Drew Sidora and Sarah Richards-Ross (Instagram/drewsidora/sanyarichiross)

Season 14 of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta,' the third spin-off in the Housewives franchise, is underway, with new episodes airing every Sunday! Fans called out Drew Sidora as she critiqued Sanya Richards-Ross's sex life in the teaser for the upcoming episode.

We had to wait about a year between RHOA's season 13 three-part reunion and the premiere of season 14, so we had to be patient. Not only did we have to be patient, but we also had to be flexible because some fan favorites like Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, and Porsha Williams are absent from the new episodes. However, with the remaining original cast members and the introduction of a few new faces, the ensemble has the potential to make this season the one to remember. Drew Sidora, a notable cast member, remains the centerpiece of this season in every episode, owing to her tumultuous relationship with husband Ralph Pittman.


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(L-R) Sanya Richards-Ross, Drew Sidora, Aaron Ross at Kandi and Todd's NY apartment in 'RHOA' Season 14 (BravoTV)

Season 14 of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' is undoubtedly standing out from previous seasons. While the ladies are still slinging shade at each other, the season doesn't feel as dark and nasty so far. Not as harmful, at least. The next episode of 'RHOA' will air live on Bravo on Sunday, May 22 at 8 pm ET/PT. The show will be accessible on Peacock the following day, which is fantastic news for UK fans who have Sky TV or Now TV subscriptions (Peacock content is accessible with subscriptions to those platforms). The new episode, titled "Big Apple Squabbles," has the following synopsis:

“The ladies travel to the Big Apple for Kandi's Broadway show, but her gift bag generates unexpected buzz with her single friends. A condo reveals the cracks in Kandi and Todd's relationship. Drew and Ralph attempt to repair their own marital woes.”

Kandi and her husband Todd Tucker organize a fun little game for the couples to make their time in New York unforgettable. The prize would be a private stay in a solitary penthouse. That means privacy and enjoyment at (nearly) no cost! As Todd explains the regulations to the couples, they all seem to be thrilled and determined to win the reward. Kandi then informs them that all they have to do to win is share their craziest sex stories.

Todd goes on to say that they can even tell the story of "doing it in an exotic location." Sanya, who appeared to be highly competitive, responded cheekily that she was a member of the mile-high club. She also mentions that her husband, Aaron Ross and she had a good time on their flight to Dubai. Everyone at the table lauds, although the preview showed Drew trashing Sanya in the episode's confessional. Drew remarks, "I feel like Sanya has never had sex outside her bed, to be honest."

As soon as this clip hit the internet, fans slammed the American actress and singer for commenting on someone else's sex life while her marriage (as shown in previous episodes) seemed to be in disarray. Drew Sidora's marriage to Ralph Pittman has made news this season. From being mistreated to being gaslighted by her husband, fans have plenty of reasons to dislike this particular relationship. Drew's assistant seemed to have spread rumors about Ralph being gay in the previous episode - this was the cherry on top for the fans to go after Drew when she was seen dragging someone else's relationship. One of the fans wrote on Twitter: "Drew sweetie, you needa be worried about who ya man sleeping with in TAMPA, and keep ya nose outta Sanya’s sex life #RHOA".


Another fan wrote while throwing shade at Ralph's absence from their relationship: "Sanya seems like such a good time. Drew, you are a loser so shut up.Ralphie is not in your bed at all. #rhoa".


The new episode of 'RHOA' Season 14 will air on Bravo Network on May 22, 2022, at 8 pm ET.

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