Netflix 'Heist': Air time, how to watch, cast, trailer and all about true-crime docuseries

Netflix 'Heist': Air time, how to watch, cast, trailer and all about true-crime docuseries
Emree Franklin as Heather Tallchief in the docuseries 'Heist' (Netflix)

Netflix has a knack for treating its subscribers with amazing stories. The streaming platform has an abundance of true-crime documentaries and docuseries which tell the world about all the crazy stuff that took place in the past. The genre of true-crime docuseries has been redefined by Netflix because of its wide reach and popularity.

From ‘The Night Stalker’ and ‘Sons of Sams’ to ‘The Keepers’ and ‘The Ripper’, the streaming platform has been giving us a lot of nightmares by showing the true (and sometimes evil) nature of some of the most notorious people in the world. One of the upcoming docuseries also talks about a group that stunned the world by successfully completing three incredibly daring and famous heists.


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Titled ‘Heist’, the exciting new docuseries will chronicle the events of three famous heists in recent American history. Every episode of the show will see dramatic enactments of the robbery and will also feature original interviews from the people who did the actual heists. Viewers will also get to see how the perpetrators select their targets and what kind of planning goes into the job.

Interestingly, the people who conducted the jobs will also open up by the errors they made that led the law enforcement agencies straight to the truth. Here’s everything we know about the docuseries.


Gilbert “Toby” Curtsinger in 'Heist' (Netflix)

Air time

The upcoming documentary series will be premiering exclusively on Netflix on Wednesday, July 14, at 3 am ET.


How to watch

As per the official Netflix press site, ‘Heist’ will be airing in the US on Netflix. Subscribe to Netflix directly, via a mobile app store (App Store, Google Play). You can also watch it by signing up for the platform’s free trial. Apart from that, viewers can also opt for different subscription plans provided by the streaming giant.


The Netflix official synopsis reads: “A 21-year-old woman steals millions in Vegas casino cash. An aspiring father swipes a fortune from the Miami airport and uses TV shows to learn how to get away with it. A Kentucky dad is accused of one of the biggest bourbon burglaries in history. Viewers will see how the subjects select their targets, the meticulous planning that goes into the job, the sweet glory of success, and the boneheaded errors that lead investigators straight to the truth. The perpetrators sit down for in-depth, frequently emotional conversations, alongside family members, accomplices, and the law enforcement officers who eventually brought them to justice.”



The documentary series will feature a lot of people who have been associated with the cases and most importantly, it will also feature interviews from people who actually successfully completed the heists.




Heather Tallchief, Karls Monzon, and Gilbert “Toby” Curtsinger are the names behind the crimes on which the upcoming docuseries are based. Emree Franklin will be playing tole of Heather Tallchief while Juan Sanchez-Molina portrays Karls Monzon. 


The series has been directed by Emmy-nominated director Derek Doneen, along with Martin Desmond Roe and Nick Frew. Meanwhile, the project is being produced by Dirty Robber, the production company behind 2021’s Oscar-winning Best Short Film ‘Two Distant Strangers’.


Director Derek Doneen attends the "KAILASH" Premiere during the 2018 Sundance Film Festival at The Marc Theatre on January 18, 2018, in Park City, Utah (Photo by Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images)


The trio also serves as the executive producer on the show along with Chris Uettwiller, Adam Feinstein, and Chuck Malkus. Jeff Zimbalist is the co-executive producer.



The trailer sees all the people who completed the heists talking to the makers about their crimes. It also shows the kind of disguises they took to save themselves from the authorities, but in the end, they were finally caught due to the errors they made along the way.

You can watch the trailer here.



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