'There's Someone Inside Your House' Ending Explained [SPOILERS]: Unexpected killer shocks all

'There's Someone Inside Your House' Ending Explained [SPOILERS]: Unexpected killer shocks all
Cast of 'There's Someone Inside Your House' (Netflix)

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is the latest slasher movie presented by Netflix after the massive success of the ‘Fear Street’ trilogy. The Netflix movie revolves around Makani Young (Sydney Park), a young student who has just shifted to a small town in Nebraska in order to start a new life. However, her life turns upside down when a serial killer terrorizes the students from Osborne High School by killing them and revealing their dark secrets to the entire town.

The movie is an ode to classic slasher movies and keeps the viewers at the edge of their seats with good thrills. The movie’s strength lies in its characters and how strongly they are played by wonderful actors. Based on the novel of the same name written by Stephanie Perkins, the Netflix movie is the perfect gift to viewers who want to see a good slasher movie in the upcoming Halloween season.


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'There's Someone Inside Your House': A look at Netflix adaptation of horror novel

As far as the movie is concerned, things get really wild when the serial killer starts killing students in broad daylight as well. However, the reason for killing them is simple: their dark secrets. Everyone being targeted has a dark secret attached to them and the killer wants to expose them in front of the whole town.

Will Makani and her friends be able to dodge the killer? Or they will be brutally killed as well? Let’s see how the movie ended.


Sarah Dugdale as Katie Koons in 'There's Someone Inside Your House' (Netflix)

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Ending Explained: Makani’s real identity is revealed

The primary focus of the movie is on Makani and how she fights her inner demons to have a better life for herself. Apart from being scared by the serial killer, Makani is also being haunted by her tragic past. During the movie, we see few glimpses of fire and Makani standing in front of it, yelling “Jasmine”. Throughout the course of the movie, we get to see those visuals and her grandmother says that she needs to let go of the past. However, Makani says that people just need to Google her real name, and everything will be in front of them.

Soon, we found out that Makani’s real name is Makani Sun-Woo and she was sent to jail for pushing a girl into the fire a few years back. Later in the film, we see the killer getting inside Makani’s house and trying to destroy her will by putting up photos of that day on the wall of her room. The killer smashes the window and attacks her with a taser. With Makani on the ground, the killer, wearing a mask of her face, was trying to kill her lighting her on fire. She believes that the killer is Oliver (Theodore Pellerin), her former lover.


Makani Young as Sydney Park in 'There's Someone Inside Your House' (Netflix)


The killer was just inches away from killing her and that’s when he is distracted by the lights of a car. Sydney manages to take off blindside him and he loses his mask.

However, she wasn’t able to see his face. Her friend, Alex (Asjha Cooper) arrives and calls the ambulance. But the killer reveals the real identity of Makani to everyone else and in the hospital, she reveals that she was in varsity when the senior girls were bullying them. She was intoxicated and called out “Jasmine” but Jasmine was feeling the same as well and when she did not help Makani, she accidentally pushed her into the fire.

Every friend of hers says that the past doesn’t matter and Makani is happy that everyone knows about her real identity now.


‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ Ending Explained: Who’s the real killer?

The prime suspect of the brutal murders is Oliver Larsson, a student from the Osborne High School. The suspicion gets higher when Rodrigo (Diego Josef) and Alex call him a “sociopath” at a party hosted by Zach and a few moments later Rodrigo is killed. Alex feels that Oliver is the killer and even Makani feels the same way when she gets to know that he knows about her real identity and tries to kill her. However, we soon find out that Oliver is not the real killer because as soon as Oliver comes out of police custody, he meets Makani. Makani is scared and runs inside the school, meeting Caleb in the hallway.

She hugs her and thinks she is safe now. But, Caleb is stabbed by someone from the back and we see the killer wearing Caleb’s mask. The killer leaves the hallway and we see Oliver coming in from behind to ask Makani if she’s alright or not.


Sydney Park as Makani Young in 'There's Someone Inside Your House' (Netflix)


In the end, we see that Zach’s father’s cornfields have been put on fire and Zach is really worried about his father. He calls Makani and tells her that his father is in the middle of the field and the killer is also there. Makani, Oliver, Alex, and Darby reach the field and it’s on fire. However, they take the chance and pierce through blazing cornfields to reach a safe passage. Some of the students are lost there and the gang helps them in getting out.
Makani and Oliver reach the middle of the field and see the killer trying to kill Zach’s dad.

He brutally kills him and suddenly says that he should have cried and screamed. He takes off his mask and it’s none other than ZACH (Dale Whibley) behind it. He always hated his father because no one liked him because of his father. Also, he hated people with secrets and don’t show their real faces to the world. That’s why he is killing them and exposing them in front of the world.

Oliver tries to attack Zack with the taser, but it doesn’t work and pierces his body with a knife. Now, he turns his attention toward Makani and as soon as he was going to kill him, Oliver distracts him from the taser, and Makani, who had a knife in her hands as well, kills Zach.

The movie ends with everyone being happy. Caleb has got into his dream college while Alex will now be going to the music school that she always wanted to. Meanwhile, Darby has gotten into NASA. On the other hand, Makani and Oliver are together again.
But most importantly, Makani calls Jasmine and talks to her about that night, which makes her feel liberated.

A satisfying end to a very entertaining movie filled with thrills and superb acting performances.

‘There’s Someone Inside Your House’ is currently streaming on Netflix.


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