'The Masked Singer' Spoilers: Robopine unmasked as Tyrese Gibson, here are the clues you may have missed

Names such as Montell Jordan and Ginuwine were being guessed by fans after his debut performance on the show, but the Robopine is 'Fast and Furious' actor Tyrese Gibson

                            'The Masked Singer' Spoilers: Robopine unmasked as Tyrese Gibson, here are the clues you may have missed
Robopine on 'The Masked Singer' is 'Fast and Furious' actor Tyrese Gibson (Fox/Getty Images)

The Robopine was the final performer on 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 premiere. The show saved the best for the last and Robopine with his cover of Luther Vandross's song 'Never Too Much' left everyone emotional. He proved once again that when it comes to heartwarming ballads, no one can compare to what he can deliver as he covered 'Water Runs Dry' by Boyz II Men during the Spicy Six episode on Wednesday, May 5.

For his recent clue package, Robopine revealed some very personal anecdotes from his life. "My family was on food stamps. It was a constant struggle." He also revealed about taking a school trip to a "magical" theme park and that there's a theme park based on a project he was a part of. Robopine further shared, "But it's bittersweet, because someone who I loved dearly, who was a huge part of it all, is no longer here. He was taken too soon in the most tragic way, but I was lucky to be on life's rollercoaster with him."


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Robopine with host Nick Cannon in 'The Masked Singer' (FOX)

Previously, audiences had judged that Robopine could be Ginuwine or Montell Jordan after his debut on the show. However, as the show advanced and new clue packages came into play, there was a high possibility that this celebrity is Tyrese Gibson of 'Fast and Furious' fame. Continue reading below for all the clues you missed that clearly point to Gibson. 

Robopine clues that point to Tyrese Gibson

During Week 1, Cluedle-Doo, the notorious entity who has revealed exclusive clues about each masked celebrity this season revealed that Robopine was “skilled at not becoming roadkill”. This clue was tied to Gibson's 'Fast and Furious' films during week six when Robopine described his stint on 'The Masked Singer' as an “action-packed and fast-paced ride".

Apart from the fact that Gibson's singing voice matches exactly with Robopine's, there are multiple clues from Gibson's career that made it to the clue packages. He got his big break in 2001 after Oscar-nominated director John Singleton cast him as an actor in the drama 'Baby Boy'. In Robopine's week seven clues, there were a couple of photos of kiddie toys and a bicycle. This ties into the title perfectly. Additionally, the "angel" Robopine referred to during week one could be him hinting at the pain he experienced after Singleton died in 2019.

Robopine in 'The Masked Singer' (FOX)

Robopine's week three clue package alluded to the actor's career in showbiz. The shots of the police siren and mouse could be a reference to Gibson’s starring role as Milo “Mouse” Jackson in the 2019 crime drama 'Black and Blue'. Gibson is also starring in the upcoming movie 'Morbius' which is a spin-off of 'Spider-Man'. Robopine’s self-portrait included a picture of a spider and web. The light bulbs in Robopine's clue packages referenced his hometown Watts and his album '2000 Watts'. 

Whether Robopine is Tyrese Gibson or not will only be revealed once he is unmasked, but all these clues fit perfectly. Did you manage to notice all these clues? Let us know in the comments.

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