'The Masked Singer' Season 9 New York Night: Is Vanilla Ice the Polar Bear? Rapper vibe and attire hint at singer

'The Masked Singer' Season 9 New York Night: Is Vanilla Ice the Polar Bear? Rapper vibe and attire hint at singer
Vanilla Ice might be underneath 'The Masked Singer' Season 9 mask Polar Bear (FOX/Instagram/@vanillaiceofficial)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: It's the first save of the season! In the upcoming episode of 'The Masked Singer' Season 9, we will see one contestant moving ahead for the semi-final round. The reigning champion of the last two episodes, Medusa, will once again make an appearance to prove that she is throne-worthy.


'The Masked Singer' Season 9 Episode 3, titled 'New York Night', will see Medusa competing with two new masked singers, Polar Bear and California Roll. Donning the stage in a popping blue color jumpsuit, Polar Bear is about to stun everyone with its performance. Even though there haven't been many clues dropped on the floor, FOX fans are pretty sure from the costume and the vibe of this masked singer that it's a rapper. Read on to uncover all the clues.


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Clues for Polar Bear

Polar Bear's multi-colored jumpsuit has CDs all over it. Moreover, the masked singer is seen giving off the rapper vibe with his red cap and red and white shoes. The celebrity singer is seen wearing gold chains on the neck, hinting that he might be a rapper because we usually see rappers wearing chains and dressing up in funky attire. Polar Bear is seen flaunting his blue shades as he steps onto the stage. 

'The Masked Singer's official page revealed the look of the Polar Bear saying, "Hit that paws button #PolarBearMask is ready to break the ice." 

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Is Vanilla Ice under the Polar Bear mask?

So far, there have been no definitive clues about who is under the Polar Bear mask. But the attire of the masked singer has fueled some speculation. "Definitely a rapper," someone commented. Well, 'The Masked Singer' replied to this, "Could be!" Seeing Polar Bear's mask, a fan guessed, "I have been guessing Vanilla Ice, but I need to see him on tv because in the photos he looks too short, but we will see!" Another claimed, 'Calling it now it vanilla ice." 'The Masked Singer' again replied to this comment, "Maybe!" "Vanilla ice," wrote another fan. 

Vanilla Ice is often seen wearing caps in all his videos. Moreover, the rapper's name has ice in it that has often been talked about in 'The Masked Singer's social media captions. While dropping the look of Polar Bear, 'The Masked Singer' claimed, "This one is gonna rock — no ice cap!" Well, it might be a hint for the name Vanilla Ice.


With all the clues, it's entirely possible that Vanilla Ice is under Polar Bear's costume, but we will have to wait until the unmasking to confirm. We can't wait to see who is under the mask, but until then we will be looking for more clues that might confirm it's Vanilla Ice.

'The Masked Singer' Season 9 airs every Wednesday at 8 pm ET on Fox.

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 'The Masked Singer' Season 9: Is Vanilla Ice the Polar Bear? Rapper-style attire hints at singer