'The Masked Singer': Meet Chameleon, Grandpa Monster, Black Swan, Phoenix and all the costumes on Season 5

'The Masked Singer' is all geared up to make a splash on the television screens with Season 5 and here are all the costumes and the new rule introduced for the first time

                            'The Masked Singer': Meet Chameleon, Grandpa Monster, Black Swan, Phoenix and all the costumes on Season 5
Chameleon, Grandpa Monster, Black Swan, Phoenix on 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 (FOX)

Season 5 of 'The Masked Singer' which is Fox's top-grossing show is all set to make a comeback to screens. Premiering on Wednesday, March 10, the show will see actress Niecy Nash replacing host Nick Cannon temporarily. The long-time host of the show came down with Covid-19 before they began filming and Niecy accepted the offer to be the guest host while Cannon was in recovery. 

The network has released high-resolution images of the new masks that will be a part of the show. The first wave of masked contestants was revealed sometime earlier this year, including Black Swan, Chameleon, Grandpa Monster, Phoenix, and Russian Doll. On Thursday, March 4, FOX revealed another batch of masked performers including the Seashell, Porcupine, and Snail. The Raccoon and Piglet masks too will be a part of Season 5, more about all the masks in a bit but before that let's explore what the audience can expect from Season 5.


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How is 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 different from its previous editions?

'The Masked Singer' had announced they will begin the competition with 10 masks divided into two groups of five contestants who will form Group A and B. However, these are not the only masks that audiences will see during the season. Throughout the course of the show, there will be a slew of other masked singers who will be seen crashing the rounds for a chance to compete for the trophy. The showrunners decided to introduce this element to bring in a fresh aspect to the show. 

Niecy Nash in 'The Masked Dancer' Season 5 (FOX)

"It just adds a freshness to the whole show. And it just brings a whole new life to the series, so we're really excited by it," executive producer Craig Plestis said during FOX's Winter virtual TCA press tour. Niecy as the guest host too is a new element and she's never been happier or felt more welcome. "I have never felt so welcome. You know, it's not like we all started together or you know what I mean. I just walked in the door, and every single person supported me, it was so kind," she said during the TCA panel. 

Meet the masks


Move over Elton John, there's a new disco-loving rockstar ready to paint the town red. This chameleon masks' cony head with red furry detailing and golden star adorned eyes is the highlight of this costume. The costume is replete with green, red, blue, silver and gold and it somehow all meshes together quite beautifully. Let's hope the zingy blingy mask shines as bright in the competition as well.

Chameleon and Niecy Nash in 'The Masked Dancer' Season 5 (FOX)

Grandpa Monster

This mask is giving us ('The Masked Singer' Season 4) Whatchamacallit and Sloth ('The Masked Dancer' Season 1) vibes. This three-toothed and horned mask with a single googly eye adorned by equally quirky single-frame spectacles is quite a sight to behold. Grandpa Monster's look is replete with a flat golf hat, a walker and tennis balls for wheels. To make him all the more endearing, there's also a long silvery beard that complements his furry orange costume perfectly. 

Grandpa Monster and Niecy Nash in 'The Masked Dancer' Season 5 (FOX)



One glance at this costume and we were instantly reminded of the Dragon mask from Season 4. There are some very obvious similarities but what sets it apart from the dragon are those fiery red and fierce eyes, wings and the comb on its head. The burnt copper and orange detailings of the costume add a regal touch to it. 

Phoenix in 'The Masked Dancer' Season 5 (FOX)

Black Swan

This mask reminds us of the Exotic Bird from 'The Masked Dancer'. We think it is the emo goth sibling of the very colorful 'TMD' mask. The pop of red on the beak as well as the red leather gloves on this pitch-black leather mask with pointy feathers and fringes has ferocity written all over it. 

Black Swan in 'The Masked Dancer' Season 5 (FOX)

Russian Doll

This mask makes us feel it will be similar to the baby alien from Season 4, making it the franchise's second puppet mask. It'd be interesting to see the functioning of this Russian nesting doll mask which is adorned in beautiful hues of red, blue, brown and yellow.  

Russian Doll in 'The Masked Dancer' Season 5 (FOX)


One thing that confuses us a lot about the snail mask is its scaly appearance. The snail costume looks like a cross between a bearded dragon and the shelled mollusk but are we mad about it? Absolutely not! The exposed set of teeth and those goofy eyes makes the snail mask really endearing, slimy but endearing. Also, the glittery bow is a nice touch. 

Snail in 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 (FOX)



In stark contrast to the round and goofy snail mask is the porcupine. This mask could be best described as Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in rodent form. With a device that looks like Iron Man's arc reactor for one eye and a normal one for another along with all those spikes on his head, the porcupine is one of the most intriguing masks this season. 

Porcupine in 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 (FOX)


The seashell mask is one of the most delicately glamorous masks to ever be seen on the show before. Adorned with shells and stars all over along with the powder pink metallic shell head detailing, the seashell mask is a true beauty. 

Seashell on 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 (FOX)


The Raccoon on 'The Masked Singer' is giving us very country cowboy vibes as far as his costume is considered. It reminds us of Billy Ray Cyrus's Old Town Road' and it could totally be possible that it's him under the mask. The plaid shirt, the bell-bottomed jeans with fringes on the edges is too much of a hint that indeed it could be him under the mask and it won't be surprising because the judges have been guessing him as one of the masks every season. Whether it's him or some other country legend, we'll find out on the show.

Raccoon on 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 (FOX)



Ms Piglet on 'The Masked Singer' has to be one of the cutest this season. Her pink visage, glassy blue eyes and the knee-length plaid suspenders with the Victorian-era lacy collar look very well put-together. It's nothing ornate like the Phoenix but still has oodles of charm and it will be interesting to see which celeb emerges from under this mask.

Piglet on 'The Masked Singer' Season 5 (FOX)
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