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'The Masked Singer' Season 4 Finale: Did Sun aka LeAnn Rimes deserve to win? Here's what fans are saying

The Sun was a frontrunner for the trophy throughout the season and she was announced as the winner on the finale but are fans happy with this outcome?
UPDATED DEC 17, 2020

The Sun has been declared the winner of 'The Masked Singer' Season 4. She'd established herself as the strongest contender in this race for the winning title and the golden mask trophy right on the season premiere episode when she hit that first note on 'Cuz I Love You' by Lizzo. Since then she's been upping her game each time she's ascended on the stage in all that golden gown glory and that stunning mask, shining as bright as the Sun. Her winning announcement was well received amongst fans of the show who had lost faith after the seahorse aka Tori Kelly was eliminated in the semifinals. 

"Crying alone when you were announced as the Winner! I have so much LovE for your work and your voice and your humble journey. You are the true SUN in my life. How many times I cried being touched by your soulful performances," wrote a fan. "I'm so glad Sun won #TheMaskedSinger! She deserved it hands down! She has been my favorite contestant of all time! I was emotional almost every time she sang! Beautiful voice!" wrote another on Twitter. "'m so happy @leannrimes won #TheMaskedSinger. She nailed every performance, and was incredible. I grew up listening to her, and I still do today. I called it from the first time she performed. Congratulations LeAnn, you 100% deserved this win! So happy for you," read another tweet. "The world really does revolve around you #SunMask, you warmed our hearts and good lord I saw the light! Congrats @leannrimes!," wrote another. "Series saved! At least the Sun won #TheMaskedSinger !! Seahorse was still robbed but the Sun was great all season!!" another fan tweeted.






The Sun thanked her husband for the first time on the show as she came up on the stage for one last performance. She also reflected back on when she first started out, saying she's been around for a very long time and it is for the very first time she feels heard while she's disguised as the Sun. For the final performance, she sang 'The Story' by Brandi Carlile. Nicole Scherzinger was drawn to tears and she thanked her and praised her ability to "bring a sense of foundation, security, and grace." The Sun's parting gift was for Robin Thicke and it was a mistletoe, a token of thank you for all the kind words and encouragement during the season.