'Shark Tank' fans doubtful about Lion Latch tote design, say 'not much of a product'

'The lion latch would just be something else for me to misplace lol,' wrote a 'Shark Tank' fan

                            'Shark Tank' fans doubtful about Lion Latch tote design, say 'not much of a product'
Lerin Lockwood shows off her invention Lion Latch on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

ABC's hit entrepreneurial show 'Shark Tank' is back with Season 13 and fans couldn't be more excited about it. The hit show is not only a great resource for learning about entrepreneurship but also an amazing outlet to discover some very unique and innovative products and services that we wouldn't have heard of otherwise. If losing small valuable items like jewelry, hearing aids, pills, eyelash, etc, is a day-to-day woe of your life, then the Lion Latch pitch on the show may have grabbed your attention.

A school teacher from Texas named Lerin Lockwood stepped into the tank ready to showcase her unique invention - Lion Latch to the Sharks and the world. After losing a diamond from her engagement ring owing to not removing it and storing it in a safe space, Lerin began looking for some smart solutions that would keep her precious jewelry safe while she is busy with her daily chores. Not wanting to risk damaging or worse losing her rings by throwing them in her purse or pocket, she began looking for compact yet safe storage options. So she designed Lion Latch, a round plastic tote bag-shaped solution that's secured with a carabiner as the answer to her problem. Her idea intrigued several people who wanted to have it too, leading to the birth of Lion Latch. 


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Lion Latch on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

Lerin walked in seeking $150,000 for a 15% stake in her company. The Texas teacher was extremely confident that she would be leaving the tank with a deal, but unfortunately, none of the Sharks were intrigued by her product. Kevin O'Leary was out off by the shade that she threw at him by presenting him with hearing aids in his lion latch, and decide to sit out. Mark Cuban didn't see Lion Latch as having the potential to become a multi-million dollar business so for that reason he too decided to sit out. The other Sharks too weren't very excited about the product and the pitch, so they all said no to it. 

It looks like the Sharks may have made the right decision as fans too weren't excited by the pitch and some were even left confused by the product's design. A fan tweeted, "Not much of a product ngl it’s ok but why in the world would in invest in a piece of plastic #SharkTank." "So far we had a satin hoodie, a 1/4 loaf for 12 dollar bread and now a keychain (earplug container). I SURE hope the season has more ingenuity and creativity #SharkTank," wrote a fan. 



Lerin Lockwood with her invention Lion Latch on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

Many fans also pointed out how the lion latch would end up becoming just another item that they would lose as they failed to figure out how it would be safely attached to them. A fan shared, "The lion latch would just be something else for me to misplace lol #SharkTank." "Hmm but what’s keeping the Lion Latch attached to the person? #SharkTank," wondered a fan. "What if I lose the Lion Latch? #SharkTank," questioned a fan. "I would lose the #lionlatch #SharkTank," declared a fan.





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