Lion Latch on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and can it help to keep your jewelry safe?

Lion Latch is like a compact jewelry safe in which you can store your rings, necklaces and other small essentials safely

                            Lion Latch on 'Shark Tank': What is the cost, who are the founders and can it help to keep your jewelry safe?
Lerin Lockwood, founder of 'Lion Latch' on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

A glitzy wedding band or even a sleek tennis bracelet can instantly make you look put-together and elevate your outfit. While they are easy on the eyes, they can often come in the way of your day-to-day activities, needing you to remove and put them aside. So where do you store your precious baubles? While a purse or a pocket may seem like an obvious answer, they come with their own set of risks. Chances of your jewelry getting scratched/ damaged or even falling out are pretty high when stored in pockets or purses. 

So, what do you do? When Lerin Lockwood, a high-school arts teacher was faced with a similar issue she used all her crafty knowledge to create the perfect solution- Lion Latch. Her invention keeps your tiny baubles absolutely safe so that you can go about your day without worrying about losing your bracelet or scratching your ring. If you're curious to know more about Lion Latch and how exactly it works, then we got you covered. Read on to know all about the product that will be making its big debut on the premiere episode of 'Shark Tank' Season 13, and which Shark might take a bite at it.


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What is Lion Latch?

Lion Latch is essentially like a compact jewelry safe in which you can store your rings, necklaces, and other small essentials like pills, eye lashes, etc safely. What sets Lion Latch apart from other compact storage options like pillboxes or even purses is the carabiner-latch hook which locks the lid in place and keeps the contents safe from falling out. Lion Latch can only be opened by removing the keyring and pulling off the top. "The Lion Latch is unique because it is NOT a screw-top lid. The carabiner ring is what locks it shut, therefore if the ring is on, it will not open," explains the product's website. The Lion Latch can be attached to bags, purses, belt loops, etc. It is an ideal storage solution for your rings, small earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pills, and even hearing aids. 


Who is the founder?

Lerin Lockwood is the brain behind the innovative Lion Latch. As a high school arts teacher and sports coach she is no stranger to using her hands throughout the day during various activities. "... I have several occasions where I have to take off my jewelry including my wedding rings. When I’m in the weight room, on the field or on the courts, I have to take my rings off to avoid scratching them or bending them," she shared on the brand's website. One particular incident pushed Lerin to design Lion Latch. 
She recounted, "After catching a softball while coaching, I felt a sting in my ring finger. I removed my hand from my glove & saw the ball had bent my engagement ring, causing it to flatten into my finger & even worse... it knocked out a stone and I couldn’t find it. I made the call to my husband & his response was, “I think I’m going to be sick.” I told him it was one of the small stones not the large ones, & he felt a little relief, but regardless we had to pay to replace the stone & repair the ring. We never wanted to have that feeling again, so I began to look for places to keep my ring when I couldn’t wear it."
"I tried my purse and wallet but felt that was unsafe because pockets could have holes in them or change & other loose items could scratch & damage my ring. I decided my keychain carabiner was a good last-minute place to latch my rings on, but I was still leaving them exposed to objects that could damage my ring, such as my keys," she added. 

"I needed a protective, convenient & consistent place to keep my rings from being damaged or lost, that could still give me peace of mind while I was hard at work or play. Also, I needed something that wouldn't come unscrewed or unzipped like all of the other products made for storage. That’s when I decided to do something myself, so I developed the Lion Latch," Lerin shared. 

Lerin Lockwood with her invention Lion Latch on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

What is the cost and where to buy Lion Latch from?

You can get your very own Lion Latch for $9.95, or a pack of 3 for $29.95. The Lion Latch is the perfect gift for athletes, teachers, nurses, water enthusiasts and travelers. You can purchase it from Amazon or the brand's website here

Lion Latch currently has 525 reviews with 4.5-star ratings on Amazon. Many customers dropped glowing reviews about the product. A customer wrote, "This is the answer to "what do I do with my ring(s) and/or small earrings when I need to remove them away from home"? No one wants to lose track of jewelry (sentimental or otherwise) when you have to remove it at the gym (well, someday), or hair salon or picking up lumber or supplies at the lumber yard. Rather than jam items in your pocket or wallet or whatever, carry one of these little gems attached inside your backpack or tote or purse. You could even clip it to a neck chain inside a shirt or to a clothing strap (if you are so inclined) say, during a workout. Great to have one in your possession for those times when you don't expect to have to remove your jewelry....but really should. I have purchased several for friends--all of whom have been very happy to get one. The tote box is strong hard plastic but not indestructible so I would treat it accordingly. The metal clip seems to be strong and have a good spring to keep it secure."

Lion Latch on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

Where is Lion Latch now?

Lion Latch has come a long way since it first launched its Kickstarted Campaign in October 2015. The company has recently launched soft-balled themed Lion Latch for all the sports enthusiasts.  Based on the glowing reviews and new launches it looks like LionLatch is doing pretty well. 



Who will steal the deal?

Lori Greiner might end up closing the deal considering her keen interest in jewelry and organizing. The brand's sales numbers and profit margins will ultimately be the major deciding factor for the sharks on deciding whether to invest in the business or not. So, we will just have to wait and watch to see if the Sharks even make a deal.

Lori Greiner, one of the Sharks on 'Shark Tank' (ABC)

‘Shark Tank’ Season 13 Episode 1 returns to ABC on October 8, 2021, at 8 pm ET. Catch the latest episode featuring products like Uprising Food, Lion Latch, Kin and Paskho on October 8, 2021, from 8 pm ET to 9 pm ET.

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