'The Last of Us': Why is Pedro Pascal 'actively ignoring' fan reactions over post-apocalyptic series finale?

'The Last of Us': Why is Pedro Pascal 'actively ignoring' fan reactions over post-apocalyptic series finale?
Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in 'The Last of Us' (HBO)

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA: As 'The Last of Us' gains growing popularity, it seems like fans are questioning the hit HBO show's finale. On the other hand, Pedro Pascal who is currently starring as the title character in the third season of 'The Mandalorian', seems to be actively ignoring fan reactions. For the unversed, the widely praised and popular post-apocalyptic show starring Pascal as Joel Miller and Bella Ramsey as Ellie is a thrilling story that revolves around life 20 years after a catastrophic zombie outbreak.

On March 12, 'The Last of Us' finale episode 'Look for the Light,' debuted, in which Pedro's Joel Miller makes a few dubious choices in order to protect Bella Ramsey, even if it came at the cost of humanity and maybe even their relationship. Although the finale has sparked debates all across, the actor seemed to stay out of it. 


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Pedro Pascal expresses his views on the final reactions

During a recent interview, Pedro was asked what he thinks of fan reactions toward the finale. He said, “I feel protected from what the conversation is in a way. And I think that personally I haven't really been ready for it to sort of be over, so I've kept my distance from its finale in a way. It hasn't intruded upon my experience in terms of what people's opinions for or against are, in terms of a very specific decision the character makes. I guess I'm actively being ignorant about how everyone feels about it, but it hasn't been too hard to be, if that makes any sense. No one's yelled at me in the street. Or been like, ‘How could you do that?’” as per Yahoo! Entertainment.


When asked about his success, Perdo admitted that it can be challenging at times, but he absolutely adores his fans and the connections he has made with them via the shows he has been a part of, as well as the dedication and enthusiasm they display toward his projects. Pedro added that he is grateful to have had a role in such vast worlds.



What happened in the finale? 

Joel and Ellie initially had no interest in interacting with one another as they made their dangerous way to the Firefly headquarters. Joel treated Ellie like cargo even though she had a resistance to the deadly Cordyceps fungal infection, a potential cure for the planet. The two developed an unshakable relationship during their nearly year-long journey across a nation plagued with sick and ruthless survivors. However, the season finale reveals that Ellie would have to die on the operating table in order to develop a vaccination that would allow the world to finally be free of the Cordyceps. Joel had to decide between preserving the planet and saving Ellie, and in doing so, he chose to save her and slaughtered the surviving Fireflies.

Following the conclusion of 'The Last of Us' Season 1, viewers immediately flocked to social media to discuss Joel's conduct. Many people believe that Joel's actions were self-centered and that Ellie's sacrifice was appropriate because she was risking her life to potentially save millions of others. Joel is supported by a sizable majority of the audience, who point to the plausibility of the cure and the fact that the Fireflies were unable to secure Ellie's informed consent.  While some fans believe Joel did the right thing, asserting that any father in his position would have done the same, others believe he was evil and selfish. One user mentioned that the majority of us would make the same choice because it goes against human nature to give up a dearly loved one for the sake of doing far more good.


With season 2 of 'The Last of Us' set to begin filming later this year, it will be fascinating to see how Joel's actions impact his relationship with Ellie in the future.


‘The Last of Us’ is available to stream on HBO.

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 Here's why Pedro Pascal is 'actively ignoring' fan reactions over 'The Last of Us' series finale