'The Gray Man' on Netflix: Fans demand a sequel despite movie getting panned by critics

'The Gray Man' on Netflix: Fans demand a sequel despite movie getting panned by critics
Ryan Gosling as Court Gentry in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)

The latest movie by the Russo Brothers, titled ‘The Gray Man’, has been met with mixed reviews and critics have been criticizing the film’s shoddy writing. On the other hand, fans are loving the action flick starring Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans in pivotal roles. It’s been only three days since the movie has released on the streaming platform and viewers are already asking the makers to come out with the sequel to ‘The Gray Man’.

The movie sees Gosling playing the role of a CIA Black Ops mercenary named Court Gentry, aka Sierra Six. He is part of the Sierra program and has become a target of the CIA after failing to complete a mission. Gentry gets to know some dark secrets about CIA mission chief Denny Carmichael (Rege-Jean Page). To take Gentry out, they call in Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans), a sociopathic former colleague of Gentry. Chaos ensues once they engage with each other and bring the entire city of Prague down.


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Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)
Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)


The movie is being praised for its epic action sequences and impeccable performances. However, critics believe that the writing could have been better. But it seems, fans think the exact opposite and wants Russo Brothers to come out with a sequel as soon as possible. One of the fans wrote, “Go and watch “The Gray Man”. You won’t be disappointed!!” Another fan wrote, “I finished #TheGrayMan this morning and it was glorious! I loved the fight scenes, and there was so much color in them! Huge Chris Evans fan, his character was a LOT, like Sebastian Stan in 365, I was NOT ready. My heart hurt and I was enthralled right up until the very end!”







“#TheGrayMan Superb movie! Ryan Gosling and especially Chris Evans are absolutely amazing in this very entertaining action-packed thriller. I see the potential for a sequel, Netflix!” said another fan.





Another fan tweeted, “The Gray Man is one of the best Action Thrillers I've seen in years. Must watch, and yes, we need a sequel What's crazy is, it's on Netflix.” Another social media user said, “The Gray Man was pretty fun. The cast was amazing. Just wish Dhanush had more to do, and it sucked that Jessica Henwick barely had any action scenes. The ending was unsatisfactory. I hope there’s a sequel just so I could see RJP’s character get punched in the face.”



“THE GRAY MAN on Netflix is bombastic and ridiculous, but goddamn if I can’t resist the charms of Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans. I’d definitely watch a sequel to this for Gosling alone,” wrote another one.

According to AGBO, the production company formed by Joe and Anthony Russo, recently revealed that ‘The Gray Man’ reached the numero uno position in 91 countries and is the biggest movie in the world. However, Netflix hasn’t revealed the numbers for the movie as of yet. But it won’t come as a shock if the movie lands at the #1 spot in Netflix ratings as well because everyone was anticipating the movie for a long time and they are surely going to watch it irrespective of what critics have said.



As of now, the movie has a rating of 48% on Rotten Tomatoes. However, the audience rating on the aforementioned website stands at 91%, which means the movie is being loved by viewers and that’s what matters the most.

‘The Gray Man’ is currently streaming on Netflix.

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