'The Gray Man' Ending Explained: SHOCKING conclusion to Gentry's mission teases possibility of sequel

'The Gray Man' Ending Explained: SHOCKING conclusion to Gentry's mission teases possibility of sequel
Ryan Gosling as Court Gentry in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)

The wait is finally over and the Russo Brothers’ action fiesta ‘The Gray Man’ has finally been released on Netflix. The movie sees Ryan Gosling playing a CIA Black Ops mercenary named Court Gentry who is working with the organization’s Sierra Program. Gentry, who is known as Sierra Six, is on a mission to neutralize a threat to the country’s national security. However, things change when Gentry gets to know a dark secret about the mission chief Denny Carmichael (Rege-Jean Page) and decides to abort the mission.

As soon as he does that, the entire CIA calls Gentry (Gosling) a “traitor” and becomes their primary target. But they know that they will need someone with extraordinary skills to put down Gentry and that’s when they call a psychotic, former CIA colleague, Lloyd Hansen (Chris Evans). He is given the freedom to do anything and everything to bring Gentry down who is on the run with some critical information on him.


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Will Hansen be able to bring Gentry down to his knees? Or Sierra Six will outclass the psycho evil man. Let’s take a look.

The Gray Man on Netflix
The Gray Man on Netflix


‘The Gray Man’ Ending Explained: Why did Gentry abort the mission?

So, Gentry is actually a criminal who was put into jail for doing something diabolical. However, a CIA veteran named Donald Fitzroy (Billy Bob Thornton) recruited him to be a part of the Sierra program because he has the skills and would be out of prison. For many years, he was working with the CIA, but everything changes when Fitzroy retires. A new chief named Denny Carmichael (Rege-Jean Page) is against the Sierra program and wants it to end.

Gentry was given a task to kill a person who had some sensitive information regarding national security. But he couldn’t do it because the place was filled with a lot of people, including children, and made a new plan to draw the target out to a secluded place. When they meet each other, the target tells him that he is Sierra Four and he knows how evil Carmichael is. He tells Court that Carmichael wants him dead because he has something about him that could ruin his life.

Ryan Gosling in a still from 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)
Ryan Gosling in a still from 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)


He gives Court a pendant in which he has a “chip” that stores all the info. Sierra Four dies and Court lies to Carmichael that he didn’t get anything from Sierra Four.

In the process, Court also meets another secret agent named Dani Miranda (Ana de Armas).

‘The Gray Man’ Ending Explained: Does Hansen get the chip?

Hansen is known for his illegal methods to get out the truth from someone’s mouth or get people down to their knees. While going behind Gentry, they all reach Prague and chaos ensues. The police are behind Gentry as well because of a bomb explosion that just took place inside a house. As soon as the police take him into custody, Hansen orders his men to get him and kill him as soon as they see him. Police didn’t know anything about the plan and Hansen’s men start shooting at anyone and everyone that’s present at the scene.

Police try to bring them down, but it’s too hard because they have more advanced versions of weapons. The SWAT team arrives and it’s havoc out there. Hansen orders his men to shoot Gentry and whoever does that will get an additional prize of $10 million. Suzanne Brewers (Jessica Henwick), a member of the CIA and the person to who Hansen reports, is shocked after seeing what’s happening and tries to stop this massacre.

Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)
Chris Evans as Lloyd Hansen in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)


Hansen doesn’t stop, but Court manages to free himself and run away. An epic chase sequence sees Gentry and Hensen meeting for the first time. When Hansen thought he had Gentry, he gets hit by a dark that paralyzes him temporarily and it was hit by Miranda.

‘The Gray Man’ Ending Explained: Who is Claire Fitzroy? Why she’s the key to everything?

To draw Court out, Hansen kidnaps Donald Fitzroy’s niece Claire (Julia Butters). We go into flashback scenes and get to know what kind of relationship Claire and Gentry had in the past. It is revealed when Donald was tasked with a project in a different country, he appointed Court to take care of his niece. Claire is suffering from a disease and her condition worsens, so Court takes him to the hospital and saves her.

However, as soon as she returns, someone tries to attack Donald’s house and Court gets in a fight with him. He kills him and saved Claire from the man. Their relationship gets even stronger.

Julia Butters as Claire Fitzroy in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)
Julia Butters as Claire Fitzroy in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)


‘The Gray Man’ Ending Explained: What happens during the final showdown between Court and Hansen?

So, Court has lost the chip to Avik San (Dhanush) and it has finally reached Hansen. However, Court has finally reached the place where they have kept Claire and his uncle Donald. He, along with Miranda, enters the premises and wreaks havoc. Miranda distracts everyone by shooting out rockets at the building and killing a lot of people. Meanwhile, Court enters the building and finally reunites with Claire. Hansen understands that Miranda is trying to distract them and gets back into the house. As soon as he reaches the room, he sees Claire and Donald are not there.

While getting out of the house, Donald gets hit by a bullet and asks Claire to run with Court. They both jump into the pond right next to the house and get away. However, Donald tries stopping Hansen by blowing himself up.

Jessica Henwick as Suzanne Brewer in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)
Jessica Henwick as Suzanne Brewer in 'The Gray Man' (Netflix)


In the end, Hansen gets hold of Claire and it’s the final time that Hansen and Gentry meet each other. But to make the fight fair, Court asks Hansen to get rid of the girl and Hansen asks Court to throw the gun away. Court tells Claire to run away and meet Miranda. Both characters engage in a fist fight and it’s Hansen who is on the top. He was about to kill Court but he finally gathers himself and puts Hansen down to his knees. However, when Hansen was this close to killing Court, he is shot from behind and it was Brewer who shot him.

Brewer tells Court that Hansen deserved to die and he will be held responsible for everything that happened in Prague. Her job will be saved and Court will be sent jail as well.

‘The Gray Man’ Ending Explained: What happened to Brewer’s plan?

Brewer believed that she just outclassed everyone and saved her from everything. Brewer and Carmichael believe that they have everything in control because they finally have control of the chip. However, when they the reach facility where they had Gentry locked up, they see every man killed and to a shocking surprise, Gentry was able to get out of the facility. He reunites with Claire and they run away.


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The ending teases the possibility for a sequel and the Russo Brothers have already made it clear that they are approaching ‘The Gray Man’ as a project which could spawn sequels or spin-offs.

'The Gray Man' is currently available for streaming on Netflix. 

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