'The Good Doctor' Season 3 Episode 16 Preview: Will Shaun take Carly's advice and confess his love for Lea?

'The Good Doctor' Season 3 Episode 16 Preview: Will Shaun take Carly's advice and confess his love for Lea?
Freddie Highmore as Shawn Murphy and Paige Spara as Carly Lever (IMDb)

As we saw in the episode ‘Unsaid’, the evitable finally happened, as Carly broke up with Shaun owing to her feelings that Shaun and Lea still have a connection and Shaun might be in love with her (Lea Dilallo).

It was indeed painful to see Shaun being left stranded, despite all his attempts to win Carly over. Let’s back up here a little and look at how the couple reached here.

Shaun and Lea had been close friends, despite the fact that once upon a time, Shaun was in love with her but nothing worked out between them. They continued to share an apartment, based purely on their friendship.

However, when Shaun and Carly started dating, there was a tension Carly continued to feel about Lea being a part of Shaun's life. We defined this as a clear case of insecurity.

Shaun tried many times to set the facts straight with Carly. But her discomfort grew especially when Lea and Shaun had an intimate time (but not sexual) time when they visited Shaun's father on his deathbed. Once again, Shaun clarified that feeling to Carly, assuring her that he and Lea are only friends.


When Carly confronted Lea personally, Lea also seconded that fact. However, it appeared that Carly still had doubts. And one day, while they all were at a bar, drinking and singing, Carly’s doubts took roots into a belief.

She came to the conclusion that the two still have an unsaid bonding that surpasses her relationship with Shaun. And thus, she broke up with Shaun. She didn’t even care to ask him for an explanation.

She might have walked away but working in the same hospital, it's very difficult not to come face to face with each other. In the preview of the episode 'Autopsy', we see that Carly urges Shaun to admit his feelings for Lea and profess his love to her. And somehow, Shaun obliges.

Here’s where we start to think otherwise. We know how Shaun is. He has been quite serious about Carly all through. Despite having a very candid moment with Lea during his father’s death, he never considered that to be anything beyond friendship.


So, it is quite logical to think that he would not give up on Carly so soon. Even if she tells him to go and admit his love for Lea, Shaun might rethink his feelings. The preview does show that he walks up to Lea and is about to say something. Is it his love for her or his admittance of their friendship?  


Find out what Shaun has to say to Lea when the ‘The Good Doctor’ comes back on Monday night, 10 pm/9c, only on ABC.


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